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About the Alliance for Main Street Fairness

The Alliance for Main Street Fairness is a coalition of small-business owners, local retailers, and Main Street supporters who are fighting to close a decades-old tax loophole that undermines local businesses.

For more than 20 years, a loophole in our nation’s sales tax laws has allowed online-only retailers to avoid collecting sales taxes, giving them a massive, unfair advantage over local businesses. Given how much has changed both in terms of technology and the way people shop, it is far past time update our sales tax laws to reflect commerce in the 21st century and allow all retailers to compete on a level playing field.

We believe e-Fairness—the idea that all retailers should follow the same rules regardless of whether they sell online or on Main Street—would fix this broken system. Additionally, e-Fairness would:

  • Give state leaders the tools they need to actually lower in-state tax rates.
  • Promote states’ rights by allowing states to take greater control of their fiscal matters.
  • Support a true free market by ensuring the government is not in the business of picking winners and losers.
  • Protect online sellers and consumers by clarifying who is responsible for sales tax collection.

Local retailers and Main Street shops have been unfairly disadvantaged for long enough. It’s time for Congress to get serious about protecting small businesses by passing e-Fairness legislation once and for all.