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You Can Thank Us Later: 9 Outstanding Career Change Ideas at 50

Changing careers at any age could be a disquieting task. At fifty, a job seeker can feel this pressure especially acute. Yet, the career change is not as scary as it could sound. 

There are career opportunities for middle-aged workers. This article will explore tips and ideas on how job seekers can change their careers after fifty.


Defining the reasons for a career change is the first step of this journey. Usually, people in their fifties want to change their career field to optimize their work-life balance and remain active before retirement. 

It would be wise to study career fields related to the one in which the applicant is already engaged. The next step is to find transferable skills, and these skills will be the core of the career change resume. 

Such a resume collects the most relevant experience and expertise from previous job positions and combines them for a new job. 

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The best way to address this task is to search for online resume service assistance. Resume writers will find the best and most relevant skills and appropriately present them. So, the job seeker can focus on the primary task of a job search. 

Technical skills are especially relevant for people in their fifties. Unfortunately, there is a negative bias toward the older generation and its inability to use modern technologies. Therefore, a middle-aged applicant should emphasize having a necessary technological background. 

Career Change Ideas


If an applicant dealt with the executive type of work, an administrative position might look like a nice change of pace. However, the administration is not simple pencil-pushing; it requires organization and discipline to manage the workflow of any kind. 

Job seekers in their fifties have an immense advantage for the administrative position before younger applicants: they have tremendous inside experience. Usually, a candidate may keep the industry field and simply take another role in the same industry. 

Training and Education

Workers with rich experience may shift from active engagement in work tasks to education. It is not always a classroom format. There are various options for educators in the modern job market: 

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Expertise in different fields may secure a solid educational position. Starting with traditional skills like driving and ending with advanced market trading strategies, job seekers may find applications for their expertise. 


Writing is one of the most common vectors for career development for people in their fifties. Workers who want to share their stories or give proper advice may dedicate themselves to writing. 

Naturally, more than a simple desire to write is required. Ghostwriters may be assigned to the job as well. However, sharing one of the many stories from a long career is easy. 

The writing may be educational, entertaining, or something in between. The main idea is those job seekers in their fifties will find themselves in a new, engaging environment. 

Accounting and Finance

Accounting and finance may be challenging career changes but will fit people with a technical mindset. Additional education may also be required; however, these beginnings may result in fruitful results. 

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Bookkeepers and accountants do quiet but essential jobs. However, it may be simple as well. For example, an applicant may be a tax preparer. If applicants have their way with numbers, a new career in the finance field may be refreshing and satisfying. 

The real estate market provides similar opportunities. A position of a real estate representative has few requirements yet provides one of the biggest benefits: flexibility. 

With only a state certification, real estate agents control how many clients they will have and how long they want to work. If you want to take it to another level, starting a real estate business can open a lot of great opportunities.

Additional Advice

Refresh a Professional Image

The professional image plays an essential role at any age. A fresh, neat, professional brand of a specialist will benefit any industry. 

Refreshing the image implies providing current, relevant information in the LinkedIn profile. Uploading the most recent photo and using modern contact services such as Gmail is also a plus. 

Get Additional Education

Additional education is tricky, and certain career paths may require extra qualifications or specific skills. Take or not to take an additional course depends on the job seeker. 

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The main idea is to demonstrate to hiring managers that a person after fifty is still ready to learn. It is not necessary to take full-fledged educational courses that will take years. Adult internships or short online courses to brush up on the current set of skills are appropriate options for middle-aged employees. 

Get Support

A support network is a valuable asset in a new job search. Starting with friends and family and ending with competent professionals, a support circle will help make the job search smoother. 

It would be wise to consult with career coaches and professional writing services to complete the professional image. Consultation with professionals is a reasonable step that will save time and effort in the job search. 

Test Waters

A desire to change a career and an actual career change differ. Working as a part-timer in the area of interest or even volunteering in it will help to get valuable, first-hand experience. A career change in the fifties is possible, and the goal is to make this choice count. 

Final words

Employees in their fifties who want to change their careers have such an opportunity. However, it is crucial to approach this task with caution. The preparation step should include professional image refreshment, creating a career change resume, and a job market study. With a clear goal, an employee will find the right field. 

A long career implies much experience. Education and writing are excellent areas for workers who want to share their knowledge. Accounting and finance fields will suit people who want to regulate their work schedule and be in control. 

The assistance of the support circle and professional career advisor will make the whole process easier and less frustrating.

Charles McMillan
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