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Which is the Best LLC Service? — Register Your Business Easily With These Formation Companies

Forming an LLC can be time-consuming and bureaucratic due to the number of paperwork. Hence, people turn to the best LLC services for help. But with many of them available, making a choice can be overwhelming.

Fortunately, our experts have done extensive research to see which one is the right fit for your business and probably help you lower your startup costs. Below, you’ll find how the best LLC formation services work and learn what’s crucial when picking one.

Reviews of the Top LLC Services

We dug through the reasonable price, offerings, and customer reviews of the most popular LLC service providers online. Here are the best LLC services in 2024 from our research:

1. ZenBusiness

ZenBusiness is a Texas-based LLC-service provider. Founded in 2015, ZenBusiness is new compared to other LLC service companies. However, its outstanding customer refer to it as the most reliable LLC service because of its bespoke services, fantastic and outstanding customer support reps, and affordable prices.

ZenBusiness claims its services get you the fastest online LLC formations. Each LLC formation package of ZenBusiness  designed to provide you a virtual office with virtually everything you need to create your business with the help of formation experts. Great customer reviews have been the the strength of ZenBusiness as well.

Key Features

1. Publication services: Depending on the state your business entity is in, you may need a publication service. ZenBusiness offer this LLC formation service and a certificate of publication for a fee. ZenBusiness promises to handle legal requirements and simplify the entire business formations process.

2. Free registered agent services and accounting assessment: ZenBusiness offers one year of registered agent services for businesses. ZenBusiness can handle correspondences from governmental agencies and the Secretary of State. With a full year of registered agent service, Zen Business manages and ensures compliances.

Accounting services are one of the essentials in starting a business corporation. ZenBusiness offers CPA assessment, accounting, and tax needs for free. The CPA assessment will be available on your business’s dashboard if you decide to opt for the ZenBusiness LLC service.

3. Competitive plans: ZenBusiness offers three LLC formation packages: Starter, Pro plan, and Premium. The Zen Business Starter or premium ($39 plus state fee) helps you in searching for business names, creating an LLC operating agreement of business structures, and filing articles of organization. At premium you also get a full year of registered agent service. On top of these services, the ZenBusiness Pro LLC formation processes your Employer Identification Number (EIN), offers banking resolution, business name availability check (name for your llc) ,worry-free compliances, and lots more. However, the ordering process can take 2-3 weeks.

Finally, ZenBusiness’s Premium plan (starter plan $249/per year plus state fee) includes everything in its Pro plan, plus business address, free business llc  or company website, domain name registrations, domain name privacy, web hosting and rush processing which takes 3-5 business days.

4. Worry-free compliance guarantee: ZenBusiness’s worry-free guarantee ensures that an additional business complies with all state and federal laws. ZenBusiness handles annual report service and makes up to two amendments per year. The worry-free guarantee also includes sending alerts for critical LLC filing services and consent events. Also, outlining an action plan if you miss a deadline is part of this ZenBusiness guarantee, ensuring good standing of llc in the state.

5. Strong customer support services: You can reach the Zen Business customer support team on the phone, via email or through webchat. This team provides timely responses within a business working day so they can guide you. The contact period is 8 am to 8 pm CT on weekdays, and 10 am to 7 pm CT on Sundays.

With all these features included plus 12 months or one year of registered agent service, Zen Business corporation is the best provider on our list.



2. MyCompanyWorks


With more than 60,000 business formations since its inception, MyCompanyWorks is one of the top LLC formation services  online providers. In the process, the company has garnered mostly positive customer reviews from over 3,000 people.

When it comes to the turn around times, MyCompanyWorks is perhaps the best you’ll find. The business entity is well-known for preparation and filing paperwork after a day or a few business days, depending on the situation. 

MyCompanyWorks offer discount prices, attractive fees (excluding the state fee registration), and valuable features for small businesses to medium-sized entities and corporation.

Key Features

1. Service-packed plans: Like other online LLC formation service companies, MyCompanyWorks offers a packages, an Entrepreneur packages for small businesses, and a Complete membership services plan for the entire set up. The Basic plan ($79 plus states fee) comes with a name-availability search, custom meeting minutes, and a startup checklist for LLC formations. To further guide you, MyCompanyWorks also files and handles article of organization for clients that opt for this plan.

This incorporation services entrepreneur plan ($199 plus state fee) offers a  Service Federal Tax ID Number (EIN), business llc kit and seal, incorporation documents and sample forms. Finally, its complete package includes everything from the previous plan and it does include registered agent service.  But unlike the many companies on this list, this doesn’t offer. And like the service Incfile has, they guarantee that your LLC registration paperwork is filed in a business day.a one-year registered agent service for every package on the first year.

2. Online management system: MyCompanyWorks offers llc real-time tracking of orders. With a MyCompanyWorks account, clients get automatic email confirmations, filing services, and order details. The order management system comes with 100% security and integrates with other applications and secure document filing storage.

3. Startup Wizard: You have an available online interactive checklist tailored to meet the state requirements. With this checklist, MyCompanyWorks helps you understand the formalities involved in starting an LLC or corporation. The features of this wizard include:

  • Instructions on how to adopt a basic LLC operating agreement, issue stocks, etc.
  • Steps involved in getting incorporation business licenses and resale permits
  • Tracking of your business’s compliance to state, federal, and local laws
  • A weekly reminder of PDF summary of remaining steps

4. Strong customer support services: MyCompanyWorks is an A+ BBB Honor Roll member. The company features  a team of experienced respondents that have a good track record about LLC processes. According to the company’s website, MyCompanyWorks answers emails within 10 to 20 minutes. Also, the company claims to return voicemails within the same timeframe.

5. Exciting additional services: MyCompanyWorks offers llc additional services and several third-party products. This choice also provides in outstanding customer with a business license research package. The company also charges for annual report filing and allowing you to access your compliance dashboard.

If you need to form an LLC online or you need to file documents for your business entity quickly, you can take advantage of the services of MyCompanyWorks. The company offer top LLC services and is passionate about being a guide for business operations or operate your business.




3. LegalZoom

LegalZoom business advisory plan

LegalZoom is one of the best LLC formation company’s services available because of its track record and smooth checkout process. Legalzoom takes care of paperwork and filing formation document. Legalzoom thanks to its advertising techniques and quality affordable  LLC formation, the company has excellent brand power in the business services industry. With its products and support, LegalZoom llc industry has helped more than 4 million customers and over 2 million business entities to set up an llc industry and corporations. Still, you can acecss consultation services by hiring an attorney.

A company like LegalZoom doesn’t focus on LLC formation services online alone but offer legal services. Legalzoom customers get to choose the lawyers they want, and checking best customer reviews available online, this option has positive customer feedback too.

Key Features

1. Registered agent service: This is one of the first offers LegalZoom llc has for its customers. For a states fee you pay per annum (excluding the state filing fee), the company can help your business scan, forward, and receive business and legal documents. While the cost is higher, clients prefer this option due to its positive reviews.

You can go with the registered agent service or subscribe to LegalZoom’s service to form your LLCs and Corporations.

2. Creation, request, and state filing service: The legalzoom business  services also provide legal documents like:

  • Operating agreement: When you fill an online llc service form about your LLC, LegalZoom sends the operating agreement to your mailboxes.
  • Federal Tax Identification Number (EIN): LegalZoom helps million businesses get their unique Tax ID (EIN), which is like a social security number for your business entity.
  • Business licenses and permitsLegalZoom LLC service provider finds licenses and permits and alerts the business owner.

Obtaining these formation documents with LegalZoom requires a decent fee.

3. Compliance services: LegalZoom will support businesses and help them stay on top of their critical deadline. This lifetime company formation services is an add-on, and it includes:

  • A compliance calendar: This formation service is designed to help businesses spot deadlines.
  • Recurring alerts: This LegalZoom feature provides email reminders on deadlines and compliances requirements.
  • 18-month calendar flexibility: The feature is included to help businesses per annum or look back by six months.

4. Tax service: Aside from providing legal services and online business formation services, LegalZoom is an industry leader that has a tax service provider as its partners. This business formation services company assists businesses with preparing and filing taxes. LegalZoom professionals like attorney also offer advice for a rate by six months or 12 months/per year.



4. Incfile

If you’re looking for a decades of experience company that want to form and incorporate your LLC, you might want to check out service Incfile. With overall 15 years of experience in the services industry, Incfile understands the pain points of small business owners looking to set up an llc, start LLCs and addresses them with its business formation. The service Incfile offers is the cheapest LLC formation because they can form an LLC for free, just pay the state fees.

Incfile LLC service has had more than 500,000 customers since in 2004. Its incfile incorporation service offerings are tailored by state. Plus, service Incfile has several features that make filing state documents and forming LLCs seamless. 

Key Features

1. Due diligence processing: Incfile need a valid business name and all federal, state, and local licenses to form a business. The services Incfile has include business name availability checks and ensures your small business has the licenses.

2. Registered agent service: Incfile help you form an LLC online dashboard, even if you’re not yet ready to form an llc, a registered agent offers assistance to the process. If you don’t already have an agent, Incfile provides a full year of registered agent services and assists with legal requirements papers, accepting mails, and other tasks for the first year.

3. Compliance guidance: Incfile is a company formation’s service that will help you through compliance matters like filing annual reports and requesting a Federal Tax ID Number (EIN)[1] for your new business (for LLC packages with higher pricing). The Employer Identification Numbers is like the social security number for your business.

4. Business tax consultation: Incfile offers 30-minute consultation sessions with tax professionals. The Incfile compliance specialist can assist you with filing taxes for your small business.

5. Competitive package fees: Incfile offers three LLC formation packages with different pricing points. While the Silver package is free, 1. Incfile Gold and Platinum plans are premium with steeper pricing. On top of the Silver package services, Incfile package has features like custom  llc operating agreement (119 per year), express shipping of filed articles, an EIN, and lots more with the Incfile Gold package.

The 2 Incfile pricing of  Platinum package offers all express Gold and Silver service in addition, this business formation package comes with expedited filing fees, a free business website, a web domain name registration, and access to business contract templates. All incfile pricing plans require a state fees for processing. You can also opt for Incfile additional LLC services like trademark registration.

Going by positive customer reviews online, Incfile is among the best LLC formation services available. Their claim to fame is that they make sure your filings are set up within one business day. The turn around time for Incfile is two business days to eight weeks , depending on your state.



5. Northwest Registered Agent

When you decide to form an LLC, you need the best company that offers reliable, top-notch business formation services. Northwest Registered Agent is the second cheapest llc service among the incorporation service companies that can help you navigate the complications of LLC formation.

Northwest is a medium-sized LLC formation company’s started forming LLCs in the US in 1998. Since that time, Northwest registered agent has helped build more than two million business structure. Northwest Registered Agent offers key business incorporation service to form an LLC.

Key Features

1. Customer privacy-focused: This top-rated incorporation services states that it never sells or uses information without informing its clients.  The Northwest Registered Agent service also lists their business address on public filings instead of yours. Northwest incorporation is a best LLC formation services provider that prides itself as one of the best companies that keep its customer information private.

2. Reliable customer support: Northwest Registered Agent incorporation has an excellent customer support team. Northwest registered agent answers email requests within 24 hours. According to the business, Northwest has more than 200 in-house fantastic customer support employers nationwide.

3. Centralized online tools and incorporation service: Northwest registered agent provides best customer with online copies of scanned items. It sends out instructions for complying with annual reports and reminders. Moreover, Northwest Registered Agent customers only have to enter their information once. The system populates subsequent forms automatically.

4. Free registered agent service: If you choose Northwest LLC service, you get a full year of registered agent services. You’ll need to pay affordable prices to keep Northwest registered agent as your truly registered agent.

5. Exciting service packages: As part of its business formation services, Northwest Registered Agent can help your business get an employer identification number, corporate supplies, or a second telephone number.

If you’re inquisitive and like to stay in the loop, consider the Northwest LLC service company to help you with your filing and LLC forming requirements. With only one packaged pricing, Northwest provides everything your new business incorporation needs to get started as an LLC service industry. 

You can also check our full review of Northwest Registered Agent here



6. Swyft Filings

LLC formation can be costly and may require legal services subscription, state fees, formation fees, and other payments. Swyft Filings is a company that affords you the chance to create LLC businesses without breaking the bank. Founded in 2012, the Texas-based company specializes in LLC formation for small and medium-sized organizations.

Swyft Filings offer its LLC formation service in overall fifty states. Depending on the state you’re in, you’ll need to pay a state fee for the business formation processes.

Key Features

1. Service-packed plans: Swyft Filings starter plan, Premium membership services plan or pro plan are designed to help you address your needs without hassle. It can help you reduce the time it will take for you to form your LLC. Asides from the fundamentals services to form an LLC, the basic plan ($49  per annum plus state fees) comes with a free domain name,

On the other hand, Swyft Filings’ standard filing package plan offer a Federal Tax Identification Number (EIN), legal service subscription fee.($39.99 month) a customer operating agreement, and LLC service banking solution. The company’s standard package/ premium package comes with expediting options, electronic delivery, a free site, web hosting, and shipping options.

2. Compliance guidance: The company helps with business name check, prepare article of organization, and ensure all other legal services and requirements check out. Also, it promises to provide alerts on important due dates for initial reports, annual reports, and publication requirements, but there’s no agent service for free. These are included in the free LLC formation service by Swyft Filings and carried out using the company’s unique tool called Compliances Guard Company Alerts.

3. Quality shipping services: Swyft Filings offer free shipping services to its customers on all orders. Also, the company provides real-time order tracking until it gets to the doorstep.

4. Quality customer support: The LLC service provider has business specialists to answer questions about the pipeline of forming an LLC. Customer support is one of the services available for a lifetime.

5. Tax consultation services: The LLC formation service provider has partnered with a national accounting firm. They offer free tax consulting for 30 minutes and webinars.

Swyft Filings is an excellent choice for customers looking for an easy-to-use LLC incorporation service provider that offer low prices. With it, your business can get sweet deals like a digital corporate kit and installment payments of its plans.



7. Rocket Lawyer

Whether you want consistent registered agent service, top-notch legal services, or speedy LLC formation industry, Rocket Lawyer is among the business formation company or LLC service providers available. Rocket Lawyer was founded a little over a decade ago. Over the years, Lawyer Rocket has served more than 20 million businesses and consumers and one of the top rated LLC service providers. 

Rocket Lawyer employs licensed and experienced lawyers to speed up the LLC formation process. As such, Rocket Lawyer offer business attorney consultations, discounts, and many other features. Attorney fees can be an expensive package, but you can hire an attorney through Rocket Lawyer’s services to help you save money.

Key Features

1. Intuitive form building: Form filling is one of the tedious tasks when creating llc service industry because of the legal matters. Rocket Lawyer offer and has a builder for contracts and legal documents. As you answer questions about yourself and your business, pop-up boxes reveal the law in your state. Hence, Rocket Lawyer ensures compliances with state and federal laws.

Rocket Lawyer also uses SSL (Secure Socket Layers) to protect your private details.

2. Document defense: The feature works with the form builder Rocket Lawyer makes to enforce contracts. When you create a contract on Rocket Lawyer’s website, and the other party doesn’t comply, Rocket Lawyer allows you to hire an attorney to respond and review the situation.

3. Service-packed membership: At $349 + state fee, Rocket Lawyer offer multiple LLC services like:

  • Review contracts and business formation packages document
  • Create custom contracts and legal documents 39.99
  • Create an LLC
  • Legal advice sessions and attorney consultations services

You can get these services in la carte once, or you can subscribe to Rocket Lawyer’s monthly membership plan for all of them.

4. Extended customer support hours: The Rocket Lawyer support team runs for 12 hours every weekday. Similar to BizFilings, the company’s formation service team is helpful and adds great value about LLC best practices.I has a good llc websites.

5. Trial version: Aside from its legal services subscription service, Rocket Lawyer offers a 7-day  free trial version. During this period, business clients can access legal documents, 30-minute consultations, and lots more llc and corporation features from Rocket Lawyer service pros. Their Business Bundle offers the best deal for entrepreneurs. Rocket Lawyer ( like bizfilings ) has a history of delivering on its online business formation service at quick turnaround rates.

The competitive value that Rocket Lawyer has over other LLC service providers (like BizFilings) is that Rocket Lawyer contracts experienced on-call lawyers or attorney for clients. Their legal services subscription is well known for its  customer feedback.

You can check our full review of Rocket Lawyer LLC service here



A Guide for Choosing an LLC Service for Your Business

When it comes down to picking one LLC service over the rest, what should you keep in mind?  Aside from finding the best state to form an LLC for internet business, here’s a list of the vital factors to help you narrow down your options:

Packages and Pricing

LLC services in the industry aren’t free, and an owner often has to pay a certain value to form your LLC. However, you shouldn’t consider the pricing alone, but weigh it with the overall value the company is offering. A one year registered agent included and may come with your packages.

Given that one packages hardly fits every client, most business formation service firms offer tiered formation packages for starting an LLC, S-Corp, or C-Corp. To get the best overall value for the pricing of products, examine top LLC services with multiple packages to choose from at competitive prices (excluding state fees, of course). Though it might be tempting to choose a totally free LLC formation service, the track record and customer feedback and reviews are likely poor.

Tax and Filing Zenbusiness

Take two LLC services, for example. The first features one formation packaged that costs a few bucks a month. From it, you can get basic LLC preparation and filing along with LLC formation services. On the other hand, the second’s most popular pricing plan goes for more money per month, and the business formation service features two other cost-effective packages. From these packages, you’ll get registered agent services, LLC services, and worry-free accounting assessments. With the amount you pay per year + state fee, you get customer satisfaction.

If you intend to lower your startup costs, check out cheapest LLC formation companies that offer customers multiple options. 

Extra Services

Aside from LLC creation, handling the paperwork with the state, and speeding up business ownership processes, online LLC formation services may provide other services.

There are various llc formation companies, we highly recommend choosing client-focused companies that offer supplementary LLC services including annual report service, trademark application, certificate of good standing, business funding analysis, asset protection, doing business as (DBA) filing service, business licenses, and a business advisory plan. LLC service like Inc Authority let you form your business bank account, while others like Nationwide Incorporators review every document with Inc authority through an attorney. So even if Nationwide Incorporators may be expensive to hire an attorney, they have limited liability company in some services that other options don’t.

Your business could also get additional LLC services like dissolution filing and seller’s permit. You can also form a C-Corporation (subject to double taxation), S-Corporation (S corp), or a non-profit organization with tax exemptions. If you decide on an LLC, you don’t have to file corporate tax returns and  could save you on your income taxes.

Why choose zenbusiness

Another thing that affects price points is the LLC kit. An LLC kit usually plan includes a binder and a seal with your business information. Many companies include this in their packages, but an LLC kit is not necessary.

Before you decide on which LLC to pick, check other offer that come with choosing a packages at a certain price point. Entry-level services are good, but the road doesn’t end with getting your LLC set up. There are potential legal issues, business compliance, business matters, and auditing affairs that additional services can take care of an attorney. Do research on review llc websites as well. Your chosen company should have positive reviews online.

Customer Service

One overlooked factor when picking an LLC creation and business filing company is how well the company handles customer experience. Some offer in-house support at scheduled periods, other options outsource this to third-party companies, and the rest provide unlimited support to form your llc business.

The mode of customer service is another thing to look out for. Some top-rated companies offer phone, email, or chat to improve the customer experience and guide clients through products.

Legal and agent support from LegalZoom

If you like to be in the loop of your LLC formation process and have questions, pick services with excellent customers service and positive customer feedback or reviews – like the services ZenBusiness and LegalZoom offers .


No one likes to be bugged about a new feature, reasons to upgrade, or why you need add-ons. However, some LLC formation services do these and pressurize customers to take action. 

When done correctly, upselling can alert you of amazing opportunities for your business. If upselling drives you crazy, find a formation service that keeps it to a minimum.

High-ranking business formation services generally understand the effects upselling can have and don’t use it as their top marketing strategy.  Inc Authority, Incfile, BizFilings, Mycorporation,Northwest, Rocket Lawyer, Harvard Business Services, and Nationwide Incorporators are known for their smooth checkout process.

Customer Support Service Reliability

Having great customer support is one thing when choosing the best LLC services available. But is the formation service reliable? Or do you have to wait for hours or days? Also, are the answers from a respondent accurate?  All these contribute the overall value that every package include. If you’d like to know how to separate business assets from personal liability and personal assets, for instance, the best business formation service would be able to tell you that. 

legalzoom customer reviews

One way to determine if a provider features great customer service is to look at recent customer feedback and reviews. Is the LLC incorporation service registering alarming numbers of customer complaints? 

Find answers to these questions before committing to an LLC service to help you form a limited liability company. The price point might be good, but it should also have positive reviews in online llc service reviews.

Refund Policy

Not every customer ends up happy with the LLC incorporation service they get. Hence, many online incorporation service companies offer full or partial refunds.

Generally, the refund policy of a formation service is a guarantee that you’ll get your money back if you request it within 10 to 60 business days. Others offer a full refund midway through rendering a service but limited liability , and the rest provide a trial version to prospects.

To be safe, find out the type of refund an LLC incorporation company offers you before using their services.

Turnaround Time

Who wants to wait forever for an LLC formation service to incorporate their business? While the time doesn’t depend on an LLC formation service, it is crucial to consider. 

swyftfilings fast turnaround time

The quicker you can form an LLC, the sooner you can make money from it. As a rule of thumb, if the formation service takes as long as the time it would have taken you to handle it yourself, consider your other options. Ideally, an LLC company should take as quickly as an experienced attorney services to incorporate your business. Companies like ZenBusiness llc, Incfile, Mycorporation Northwest, Inc Authority, Harvard Business Services, and Nationwide Incorporators have positive customer feedback and online reviews.

How do online LLC services work?

LLC formation services like ZenBusiness llc, Nationwide Incorporators, BizFilings, Rocket Lawyer, Harvard Business Assistance,Mycorporation and Inc Authority do the work of creating a limited liability company for you. Generally, business formation like nationwide incorporators in the United States can be overwhelming. Aside from the federal laws, all 50 states have unique rules on forming an LLC. Of course, you can have list of best states to form an LLC, but LLC formation can still be overwhelming. 

For example, to form an LLC or corporation, ( like bizfilings ) you should pay a state fee in the US since state statutes allow LLCs. These state fee are taxed per annum (per year).

Figuring out when and how to pay these state fee might be too much to handle with other business activities. Therefore, many leave the process to the best LLC formation services that have the experience and track record to take care of company formation.

Registered Agent Services inclife

Apart from handling the paperwork and other entry-level tasks, an incorporation service or top LLC service like LegalZoom, Inc Authority, ZenBusiness, BizFilings, Incfile, Rocket lawyer llc and Nationwide Incorporators can help you:

    • Submit LLC applications: The process is often done online by many companies. However, it requires you to fill several legal forms, so you might need a guide.
    • Create and file articles of organization: This document outlines statements to form an LLC. It should contain the LLC name, registered agent included name, business structure, legal structure, and partner or member names.
    • Create operating agreements: The operating agreement template shows the business’s operational and financial decisions. It should be a guide that contains all rules, regulations, and provisions of your business.
    • Obtain your EIN: You need an employer identification number EIN if your business has employees, especially to file taxes and create business bank accounts. It’s better if you created your business before getting an EIN because you’ll need your business formation date, legal name, etc. 
    • Consult on LLC taxation: If you need a guide to filing taxes, these brands can teach you how to keep your business tax compliant.All you need to do is provide your company name, location, and industry, and some details about you and your registered agent.

All 50 states mandate registered agents to ensure compliances with legal affairs. If you conduct businesses like nationwide incorporators in several states, you need to choose a registered agent service in each of them. They’ll provide support, receive every business email, make sure compliance requirements are met, and represent your business.

An online LLC service can act as a registered agent. Alternatively, you can play the role. However, if you are sole proprietorship or your small business can’t be its registered agent. If you’re looking for the best nationwide incorporators formation services, it should offer first year of registered agent service like ZenBusiness llc does.

LLC services can help starting up your business, know how these additional services can give you assistance when creating a sole proprietorship in Illinois state here


Is an LLC really necessary?

An LLC is not necessary to start a business. However, LLCs provide more benefits than drawbacks to business owners. An LLC offers its partners the limited liability of an llc or corporation and tax benefits of partnerships. The business structure includes an operating agreement that states the rules, regulations, provisions and financial decisions that govern members.

What is the cheapest way to get an LLC?

The cheapest way to get an LLC is personally filing your business formation articles to the state’s office. The process and fees vary depending on which state you’ll choose to incorporate, making new business owners overwhelmed with all the procedures. Another option is signing up for free incorporation service providers like Incfile.

What is the easiest LLC to start?

The easiest LLC to start is Sole Proprietorship or Single-Member LLC. In this business entity, you won’t be obliged by the state to submit requirements like annual reports or pay for government fees every year. Without any partners or shareholders under its management, you have sole and complete control over the operations of your company.

What is the best way to get an LLC?

The best way to get an LLC is through an online incorporation service. Companies such as Zen Business, Incfile, LegalZoom, and many more provide business owners service packages often inclusive of managing all registration filings on behalf of your company and additional features to maintain good standing with the state.

My Top Pick For an LLC Service: ZenBusiness

Among other online LLC business services on this list, our top pick for starting an LLC is ZenBusiness. ZenBusiness is one of the entrepreneur favorites. It leverages automation and technology for quick filing. It also lets you get started on web domain requirements and help you form your LLC online. #1 ZenBusiness has an affordable price tag for its service offerings and each formation package includes no hidden cost.

Companies like ZenBusiness offer one year free registered agent services, unlike others that require upfront payment for the first 12 months. Moreover, ZenBusiness is an option that has formation experts and thousands of customer reviews that back it as the best LLC service.

Charles McMillan
Charles McMillan
Charles is a family man, an entrepreneur, and a writer. He is skilled in finding the balance between efficiency, affordability, and high-quality offerings when it comes to business services. He’s on a continuing mission to discover and rediscover the most popular LLC services, while sharing his most accurate assessment and review to help business owners like himself.