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Best Online Incorporation Services

When setting up a new company or business, you already have a lot on your plate. From filling out necessary paperwork to handling legal matters, the entire business incorporation process can be intimidating. 

Fortunately, there are online business formation services to help you out. Our business specialists conducted a thorough trial and assessment of the best services out there suited for your business needs. 

Reviews of the Top Online Incorporation Services

1. Incfile

If you’re looking for a reliable and value-worthy incorporation service for your new business, the services Incfile offers are one of the most reliable in the industry. Having helped over 250,000 companies in its entire run, Incfile continues to win the trust of many entrepreneurs year after year.

Incfile features an easy-to-use interface and includes the best customer privacy security functions for LLC formation services. Your data is secured with its verified SSL Certificate and high-level encryption. 

The business incorporation services Incfile offers are divided into three formation packages: Silver package, Gold package, and Platinum package. With Gold, customers already get a banking resolution, corporate bylaws, meeting minutes, Employer Identification Number (EIN). And with Platinum, you also get a business website, domain name, and contract templates.

Incfile also offers a free registered agent service for your first year of subscription and renews for only $119 per year. That’s still in a pretty low price range compared to some of the best registered agent services.



2. Northwest Registered Agent

Aside from its core function of registered agent services, this legal services provider can also assist with incorporation filings. Northwest has pricing plans that start at a fair price excluding state fees. This makes it one of the best business incorporation services for value-seeking small business owners. 

Known for its top-notch online customer service compared to its rivals, our experts were very impressed with their one-on-one guide system. Northwest Registered Agent also provides customers with individual compliance specialists to thoroughly guide every user as they form an LLC or corporation business. 

If you want, you can also transact with your preferred customer service agent in Northwest, a rare feature for any online legal services platform in the market. 

To get more information about Northwest Registered Agent, you can read our full review of the Northwest LLC service here.



3. ZenBusiness

For as low as $0 plus state fees, ZenBusiness offers the best online incorporation service package out there for the price and reliability. 

Their basic package includes a business name availability check, incorporation filing, operating agreement, a trustworthy registered agent service, and a worry-free CPA assessment. 

And for an additional cost to their starter plan, ZenBusiness offers to provide a Tax ID number (EIN) with their Pro Plan. Furthermore, some ZenBusiness services available in the Premium Plan include the domain name and business website, which are recommended if you’re planning to create an online presence.

And with full compliance in all US states, ZenBusiness provides fast business formation services and expedited filing. With the services ZenBusiness offers, one can easily access and file all necessary business documents online without worrying about any security breach. 

Forming a business structure partnership with a financial institution helping small businesses and businesswomen, ZenBusiness is one of the few socially conscious legal service companies you can use to value. 

With great prices, ZenBusiness costs cheaper than what you’d spend year after year in other services.




4. Swyft Filings

Like ZenBusiness, our team also considers Swyft Filings as one of the best online corporation services today. This platform operates online and offers the best LLC service and lifetime client support in all their LLC formation subscription bundle. 

Aside from its budget-friendly plans, Swyft Filings services offer installment payment options for its registered agent services on a per-year basis.

For the Basic Plans, you get 30 minutes of business tax consultation and articles of organization. They also provide helpful online business incorporation services geared towards a company’s growth. These include free tax consultation, compliance support, and domain name to add value to your business. If you need it, you can also add an operating agreement.

We also have a detailed comparison of Incfile and Swyft Filings here.  Check it out if you want a detailed review. 



Your Guide in Choosing an Online Incorporation Service

Plans and Packages of the Incorporation Service

Before choosing the best online incorporation services, or deciding between Incfile or Bizfilings, you must be well-informed on the filing service formation packages you intend to purchase for your business. 

Evaluate your company’s foremost needs and avail the incorporation service that will benefit your business, not only in the early filing stages but also in the years to come. The best incorporation services online should offer a satisfaction guarantee, great customer feedback.

Each online incorporation service we mentioned above offers affordable price packages with features to help you build your service company conveniently and with the right costs.

Overall Value & Pricing

The overall value and features must outweigh the prices of any registered agent service or third-party incorporation service you intend to avail. 

Keep in mind the pros and cons of these LLC formation services. For instance, not every company offers a free registered agent service, an employer identification number (EIN) [1], annual report filing, or operating agreement in their starter plan.  

That said, you also want to browse great customer feedback in online reviews as these offer insights too. Having positive reviews is a great sign. Some of the best LLC formation services with top-quality excellent customer reviews include LegalZoom, BizFilings, and ZenBusiness.

Inclife Plans

The industry’s best incorporation services and plans with client support coverage range from $0 – $300 excluding the state fee. ZenBusiness is one of the affordable online incorporation services on our list. 

You can choose services like LegalZoom or Rocket Lawyer because they’ve been in the industry for long. BizFilings is also a veteran with 20 years of experience. They offer different features that most starting businesses need. 

This pricing of the best business formation service varies depending on the features you need and the state where you want to operate. It may also vary on the form of business structure, such as when you’re establishing a sole proprietorship, C-corp, S-Corp, or a limited liability company.

Time Requirement

When looking to file for incorporation, it’s best to consider the turnaround time. For an incorporation service, the standard time it will take for corporation or LLC service businesses to file their registration is up to 15 business days, although some can take lesser days than that. 

In some cases, you can make the process faster even up to the next business day by incurring an additional fee. Getting the best LLC services from Incfile or Northwest, can significantly help your company in terms of time constraints.

Availability of Resources in the Online Service

Some business formation services like ZenBusiness and LegalZoom have a service provider that features educational resources to help customers learn about the industry and processes they offer. 

To know the right product for your business, you must first understand how providers like BizFilings, ZenBusiness, Rocket Lawyer, and LegalZoom work and add value to your company. 

Zen business Learning Resources

Additional Legal Services

In addition to business formation, managing personal legal matters and legal documents is a crucial step when you form an LLC. There are times when companies really need a good attorney, but if you hire a lawyer yourself, their fees get expensive year after year. 

Legal consultation and legal help from an attorney from an online incorporation service can help your small business secure licenses and permits in turnaround times. 

You can check the best online incorporation services that can assist you best on legal matters. For instance, the business formation service of LegalZoom is known as one of the best and is highly regarded by many businesses. 

Rocket Lawyer is also a top-notch option for legal requirements for your business. If you also need additional legal advice or hire a lawyer to register a business, Rocket Lawyer can lend you a hand.

Customer Support

Customer service determines the quality of any top corporation service. Should you encounter any difficulty in the incorporating platform or you need to get immediate answers within the day, several of these formation services including Inc Authority can be reached during business hours via phone, email, or live chat. 

Additionally, top incorporation services like ZenBusiness, LegalZoom, and BizFilings have great online reviews, quality customer feedback, and articles regarding their corporate customer support.

Zen customer support

Online Incorporation Refund Policy

If a customer isn’t satisfied with the formation service, options like Swyft Filings and Northwest Registered Agent service guarantee a refund policy to build trust. 

Other best LLC business formation services, like LegalZoom, have a money-back guarantee. So if you’re not satisfied, you can just take your money back – within terms, of course.


Can I incorporate online?

Yes, you can incorporate online. There are many incorporation platforms such as Incfile online incorporation, Northwest, ZenBusiness, LegalZoom, BizFilings, and Swyft Filings that can offer assistance with registering, launching, and growing your company.

Online incorporation services may cost a bit of money, but they cover all the legal legwork for you and let you focus on your top priorities.

What are incorporation services?

Incorporation is one of the legal services that identify your company as a business entity. Business formation services handle all the paperwork to get your company organized and be brought to existence. 

An incorporation service will make sure that your company is formed in a few business days without the risk of overlooking the legal aspect of the process.

How do I create a corporation online?

To incorporate your business online, choose a trusted incorporation services platform of your preference. Choose a business formation plan suited for your needs and fill up all the necessary information needed.

By using these formation services, rest assured that your documents are accurate and filed to the appropriate authorities.

My Top Pick For an Online Incorporation Service: Incfile

Aside from Incfile’s many years of experience in the industry, this business incorporation service won the experts’ unanimous verdict as the winner among the four best online incorporation services. 

Incfile offers a full range of features that boasts ease of use and an affordable price. If you want to make a company on a budget, you can choose the free business registration option of Incfile

This feature empowers entrepreneurs to form new businesses at a low cost without sacrificing their services’ quality. Overall, the service provided by Incfile is the best we’ve found for businesses out there.

Another reputable LLC service for your start-up business is the Harbor Compliance. Check how this LLC service provider can help you in business formation now!

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