Whether you’re operating a small business or a big corporation, the high chances of personally bumping into legal disputes is an inescapable dilemma. Lucky for you, top-rated companies provide the best prepaid legal plans inclusive of their network of skilled attorneys. In this post, our team will evaluate each option to help you decide which suits your business needs.

Reviews of the Best Prepaid Legal Plans

1. LegalShield

LegalShield No Background

If you’re looking for the best prepaid legal plan with comprehensive assistance coverage for individuals, families, or budding companies, then we highly recommend signing up for LegalShield offered services.

Their low-cost individual legal plan covers the member’s spouse and dependent unmarried children up to 26 years of age. This package includes phone consultations for any ongoing legal matters, after-hours emergency assistance, unlimited legal document reviews, and attorney’s letterhead. 

On the other hand, the price range for the small business plan depends on the company’s number of employees. Its package covers a wide range of benefits, from legal consultations and correspondence up to trial defense services.



2. RocketLawyer

In any business industry, trust is the foundation of a reliable company. This statement is especially true for the legal service provider giant, RocketLawyer. Founded in 2008, they already served over 900,000 customers.

While considering its massive popularity, our team decided to try its free one-week membership. Upon our registration, you can get unlimited access to their legal document library. 

During the document creation process, all you have to do is answer the questions, and the form will automatically be created for you. As if that didn’t impress us enough,  RocketLawyer also has a free membership benefit where you can get assistance for an on-call attorney should you decide to sign up officially.



3. LegalZoom

LegalZoom No Background

Among the companies offering prepaid legal plans, LegalZoom offers one of the most affordable packages in the market. Their standard membership includes Business Advisory Plans (BAP) that provide first-rate legal advice from their vast network of attorneys.

If you have queries in forming a business or creating a trademark, you can opt-in to their legal guidance services and add it to your package. All these features are affordable compared to other providers offering the same services. 

You also have the option to choose flexible payment methods, either 1-month, 6-month or 12-month commitment plans to access their services that include a free review on short legal documents and 30-minute attorney consultations.



4. US Legal Services

US Legal Services

With the aim to provide everyone accessible and affordable attorney assistance, US Legal Services offer benefit plans to its customers inclusive of features that could help you, your family, or your business in handling legal matters.

Their offerings are incredibly low-cost as well, with packages providing legal assistance on last will, living will, and power of attorney. And did we mention that they also specialize in estate planning services? 

Despite being one of the oldest providers, US Legal has neat features that help them maintain customers throughout the years, like an accessible resource center and legal dictionary. 



A Guide in Choosing a Prepaid Legal Plan

Experience and Track Record

Although experience and track record don’t necessarily equate to good services, considering this factor could also determine which companies could help you with specific business needs.

Plans and Pricing

Whether our team admits it or not, budget is crucial when looking for any service for our business. Not all offered packages offer the same features, so you must align your purchase based on your needs.

legal services

Legal Consultations

As you may already notice, some services limit their legal consultation time from thirty minutes up to one hour. However, LegalShield is a pleasant exception to this, as they offer 24-hr access to phone lines for emergency legal matters.


Attorney support is the backbone of any prepaid legal plan. With this feature, you can get appropriate advice and assistance from an expert in the field. Service providers like LegalShield have 1,900 in-house attorneys in 49 states and  5,000 referral attorneys to cater to all their client’s needs.

Individual or Business Plans?

Before buying any legal plans, ponder on the purpose of your purchase. Is it for yourself or your family? Or do you want to safeguard your business? Inclusions in these packages vary depending on the features you need.

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What is the best PrePaid legal service?

The best prepaid legal service is LegalShield. With 37 years of industry experience, this company understands the need of businesses by offering full-suite legal plans that cover the welfare of individuals, families, and small companies. Customers could also get 24-hour phone line access for emergency legal matters.

Is PrePaid legal still in business?

Yes, PrePaid Legal is still in business and has been rebranded to the LegalShield company we know today. Upon their name change last September 10, 2011, under the same organization, they also came back with an improved suite of services to satisfy the needs of their customers [1].

Our Top Pick For a Prepaid Legal Plan: LegalShield

LegalShield No Background

Although all options in this review have the best prepaid legal plans, we couldn’t deny the convenience that LegalShield offers to its customers through a 24-hour customer service phone line and mobile application. Considering these factors and added features such as 1,900 in-house attorneys, 5,000 referral attorneys and immediate assistance within 8 hours, our professional team chooses this company as our top pick.

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