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Which is the Best Registered Agent Service? — Manage Your Business With Ease With These Leading Companies

A registered agent service has the potential to work wonders for your business. Unfortunately, it isn’t always easy to find one that will meet your company’s requirements and budget. To guarantee the best service for your business, our team of experts review four of the best registered agent services in the industry.

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Reviews of the Top Registered Agent Services

1. Northwest Registered Agent

Northwest Registered Agent ($125/year + state fees) is a top registered agent service with satisfying customer support. It also takes the security of its clients very seriously by maintaining a strict policy for customer protection.

Having been around for 20 years, this national registered agent service provider writes its codes and hosts its servers. It also offers a full year of registered agent services depending on the packages you chose. Based on our findings, the company places an important focus on simplicity. The same goes for its clients’ security, making this an excellent agent. Northwest Registered Agent might be the way to go compared to other options if these things are important to you.



2. ZenBusiness

ZenBusiness registered agent is a well-known business formation service like the registered agent service. It started in 2015 after a group of entrepreneurs dealt with barriers that plague others in the business world. ZenBusiness offers highly affordable registered agent services for businesses. 

ZenBusiness ($99/year) has low prices, and it includes a year of free registered agent services. ZenBusiness also allows you to get complete coverage whether you’re forming an LLC or corporation, including a worry-free guarantee. This payment will include legal services as required and you’ll be able to stay in line with government laws. 

The service will also help you accept SOPs (Service of Process), taxes, and any other legal document within the confines of registered agent services. You get a peace of mind in running your business with ZenBusiness because their services are a great blend of affordability and comprehensiveness. Our team of experts easily deems them as one of the most reliable registered agent services for businesses.



3. Incfile

Incfile registered agent boasts an impressive list of features alongside their business formation packages. The registered agent service of Incfile comes at no extra cost per year with any incorporation package from their agent services online.

One attractive thing about this well-known registered agent provider is how Incfile incorporation service cater to web-based companies and business owners, which they do through their add-on features. Examples include business contract templates and custom documents. 

In terms of customer feedback, Incfile has thousands of positive reviews online. Our team gathers that Incfile is a contender if you’re looking for affordable yet top registered agent services.



4. Rocket Lawyer

Rocket Lawyer registered agent meets the necessary requirements and online business services for your company. One of the best things about this one is the amount of experience it has. Rocket Lawyer ($149.99/year) has existed since 2008. So, it’s about seven years younger than the popular LegalZoom registered agent. But it has served 20 million customers, (compared to LegalZoom’s 4 million customers) with positive reviews and feedback online.

Many users seem to think that the Rocket Lawyer’s registered agent would be better if it had a low price. But, if you’re looking for a company with vast experience, has legal advice, coverage in all states, and with top-notch service, Rocket Lawyer might be a the best option for you.

Our detailed review of Rocket Lawyer is available here



A Guide to Registered Agent Services

Now that our experts have rounded up the best options and the services companies provide, there are several details to bear in mind before you decide which registered agent you will get for your small business. Below are the things you must consider before signing up for registered agent services.

Packages and Pricing

Price points are an important consideration with registered agents. You’ll find that some top providers have less expensive packages, but you can opt for a more expensive option, too, like LegalZoom ($299/year). If you want something more affordable than LegalZoom, some, like Incfile,  offers free business formation service in multiple states as well.

Before you decide to use one, it’s important to consider the value of their offer. Make sure it has services like articles of organization, annual reports, legal services, support for customers, and LLC formation packages and other things you’re looking for. It should also include registered agent services for your LLC, regardless of state. In a way, it makes up for state fees. 

Make the most suitable considerations for your business, this includes considering the ideal state to form your LLC for an internet business. It is also important to look out for the state fees and volume discounts, so you can get the most affordable option available.

Experience and Track Record

The longer a professional registered agent service has been around, the better equipped it is to serve businesses. The same goes for the number of customers it has served and the pros and cons it has. LegalZoom, Rocket Lawyer, and Northwest are some of the longest-standing options in the industry.

NorthWest Registered Agent

To find the best company and the best prices available, always consider their features and performance history before you sign up. The price point should justify the overall value and quality that one provides.

Customer Service

If you are working with a registered agent, you’ll need to talk and connect with them constantly – not just within the first 12 months. This is because they handle an essential part of your business, and you will often require service for your corporation. Whether you need them to provide information, receive documents, or offer support, chooose an agent that can help you form your business fast and on time.

So, our experts recommend options that always have customer services available. A strong customer support should be responsive, and they should be able to receive any claim or concern via phone/email during business hours every weekday. Even without a 100% satisfaction guarantee, hiring a registered agent with the best customer service will be good in your first year and beyond[1]. Harbor Compliance ($99/year), ZenBusiness ($99/year), and Incfile ($119/year) are some of the LLC formation services that offer the best service.


When working with registered agents or even with top-tier LLC formation services, you only want to receive exactly what you need, even if it’s just a  legal services plan, an annual report or a formation package. Doing otherwise wouldn’t be a great way to expend your resources. So, get a company that doesn’t constantly try to upsell you. This will help you choose only the important things you want and need, and it will drive down the overall price, too.

Incfile registered agent inclusions

Why Do You Need Registered Agent Services?

Registered agent services can be useful to you in many different ways. First of all, it gives you more time to focus on your LLC business by helping you out on state matters pertaining to federal regulations and other requirement deadlines. Even if you chose one of the ideal states to form an  LLC, you still need a registered agent service. They help you avoid the risk of non-compliance. They also ensure that you don’t miss important business documents like permits and licenses, even when you’re not around. If your business is home-based, they help to keep excessive attention away from your home. 

On legal matters, registered agents ensure that you don’t have to receive lawsuits and legal documents in public. Plus, your address won’t be on public record if you have a registered agent service. ZenBusiness, Harbor Compliance, Incfile, and LegalZoom are some of the best ones for forming a new business.

On the other hand, if you want to change your registered agent, you just have to fill out the “Change of Registered Agent” form and you can file it to the state.

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What is the best registered agent service?

The best registered agent service is the Northwest Registered Agent. The company has an incredible performance history. This includes many positive customer reviews online. What’s more, is its competitive pricing, compliance calendar, and its attention to customer security.

Is a registered agent service worth it?

A registered agent service is worth it. It helps you to pay much-needed attention to your business. In the meantime, others help you to handle legal documents. It also helps to ensure that you’re compliant with all the required federal regulations.

Our Top Pick for a Registered Agent Service: Northwest Registered Agent

Northwest Registered Agent comes at the very top of our list of best registered agent services. This option will provide strong customer security, ensuring that every document is safe. When you choose Northwest to form a business, it guarantees your protection in any state because it hosts its servers and writes its codes. In addition, it has a strict policy against selling customer information.

Apart from the security they offer businesses, Northwest Registered Agent makes it easy to form a business through the help of its customer service. This is reflected on the company’s thousands of positive online customer reviews. It offers a full one year of registered agent service on select packages as well.

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