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Which is the Best State to Form a Single-Member LLC?

As the sole owner of your business, incorporating a Single-Member LLC is the best way to protect your company from lawsuits and liabilities. However, not all states have clear protection policies in this type of entity. 

If you’re having difficulty deciding where to incorporate, here are some recommendations from our business team to help you choose the best state for a single-member LLC. 

Single-Member LLCs Explained

As you know, LLC is the short-term for an entity registered as a limited liability company. Typically, owners of an LLC are called members. So, if you’re running the business alone, your company belongs to the category of Single-Member LLCs. 

As the term implies, the sole member of the business entity has limited liability in the debts acquired by the LLC during its operation. However, our resident business experts would like to note that the asset protection may be pierced depending on the legal situation at hand. 

Advantages of Forming a Single-Member LLC

Besides taking advantage of its limited liability, Single-Member LLCs are often offered flexible taxation policies. You may not know, but you have the option to be taxed as a sole-proprietorship, a corporation, or an LLC. 

Sole Proprietorship

The reason why the LLC structure is sought after is because of its few reporting requirements. Since you’re running the business alone, having too much legwork may take time away from your operations. 

If you want to add credibility to your business, forming your business as an LLC solidifies its legitimacy. The rights to your trade name will solely belong to your company as well, which is why we highly urge you to incorporate your business. 

Best States to Register Your Single-Member LLC

#1: Your Home State

Considering that you’re managing your business alone, forming a single-member LLC in your home state is a cost-effective idea. If your main target market is in the same place where your company is physically located, local incorporation will definitely cost you less. 

And if your home state charges zero to low corporate income tax[1], we strongly suggest considering this option for more taxation perks. 

#2: Wyoming

The major reason lone LLC owners prefer Wyoming when launching a business is its few reporting requirements. Unlike other states, companies aren’t required to file taxes for personal income, franchise, or corporate income. Plus, the sales tax here a relatively low. 

Wyoming State Flag

On top of that, it gives owners the option for lifetime proxy. If you don’t know what it is, it’s simply a policy where owners can appoint a representative for their LLC stocks or shares. If you’re keen on being anonymous while running a business, this could be a great thing for you.

#3: Delaware

If you’re a new owner, you wouldn’t want a complicated registration process—that’s why we consider Delaware one of the best states to form a single-member LLC. Thanks to the state’s simplified filing procedures, it gained the reputation of being a business-friendly state. 

Besides that, maintaining your LLC in Delaware wouldn’t be a big problem because the state has low franchise taxes and state fees. If you’re incorporating a foreign LLC taxed as a corporation, you’re exempted from paying corporate income taxes as well. 

The state has extensive experience in handling business disputes. In fact, it has a specialized court dedicated to resolving business matters called the Court of Chancery. Its reliable legislation system could ease your worries for future lawsuits should your LLC get involved in one.

#4: Nevada

Running a business by yourself is already a lot to handle. So if you want fewer state obligations on your plate, incorporating as an SMLLC in Nevada is a great idea. Not only does the state don’t require operating agreements, but annual meetings also are not on their list of requirements as well. 

welcome to nevada sign

Nevada also offers enticing tax perks for LLC owners. Along with the corporate and personal income taxes exemption, the state also exempts you from paying franchise taxes. However, our experts would like to remind you that you still have to fulfill yearly filings and license payments.

We also find it fascinating that the state allows anonymous filings. You may not know, but Nevada doesn’t have an information-sharing agreement with the IRS. 

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Looking for the best states to form a single-member LLC may seem overwhelming at first, but keep in mind that it’s a crucial business decision. 

If you’re still uncertain which state to choose, our experts suggest seeking assistance to trade experts. Not all states offer the same tax advantages and asset protection, but we’re certain that each place has specific business conditions that some companies may prefer.

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