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Which is the Best Trademark Service Provider? (2024)

With the promise of an easier and faster registration process, it’s no secret that online trademark services dominate the market. However, not all offer the same features to handle your legal legwork.

If you want to get a provider that will not leave you legally vulnerable to infringement and other issues, here is a comparison of the best services today by our legal experts. 

Reviews of the Top Trademark Service Providers

1. LegalZoom

Legalzoom trademark services

If you prefer having reliable attorney support while working on your trademark registration, LegalZoom is a premium online service you can rely on. From start to finish, our business team had a smooth experience doing trademark searches and answering essential questions for our filing. 

What we liked the most about LegalZoom’s services is they pay close attention to proofreading and guiding their clients accordingly. Although this option can be more expensive than its competitors, actual legal professionals will be working on your filing. It means that you wouldn’t need to worry about its accuracy. 



2. MyCorporation

MyCorporation Trademark Services

We understand that not everyone can afford attorney-support premium services, so we reviewed MyCorporation’s budget-friendly offerings. If you don’t need to handle complex trademark claims, the specific services offered by the platform could definitely fulfill your needs.

Their offerings include direct hit trademark searches, allowing users to check if there are no similar marks on the Federal United States Patent and Trademark Office. MyCorporation gets the highest rating from our tester for its user-friendly interface. 

Besides the fast process, the platform uses cookies to manage the website traffic and adjust speed. 



3. Trademark Engine

trademark engine web interface

Not all online services focus on trademark registration, but Trademark Engine sure does it well. Upon closer look at their offerings, our legal specialists found out that this platform provides its users with three affordable service plans suitable for their trademark filing needs. 

Besides access to the Federal USPTO database, their basic packages also include lifetime customer service support. You can also count on their expedited services should you need to get your filing done as soon as possible. Depending on the package you select, the platform promises a 100% satisfaction guarantee [1]



A Guide in Choosing a Trademark Service Provider

Services Offered

When looking for a trademark service to handle your registration paperwork, it’s important to check if they offer the features you need. For example, not all companies have attorney support in their packages. Why? Because some online service is just meant to provide you with legal document templates. 

If you really prefer having a legal professional to guide your filing, opting for services like LegalZoom could be helpful as attorney support is included in their offerings. 

Track Record

Trademark filing has complexities, so it’s only natural to go for companies with extensive industry experience. Suppose a platform was able to handle thousands of customers. In that case, they’re already familiar with the issues that come with filing online and can address them appropriately. 

Trademark or Copyright - MyCorporation


You should also consider your budget when looking for a trademark service. As you know, these online platforms have different prices from under $100 to over $500. Keep in mind that some may be more expensive due to features not included in others. 

Why Trademark Your Products or Services?

As a fellow business owner, you should know that filing trademarks on your brand or products give customers confidence in you. It boosts your legitimacy and credibility in the industry. Besides that, our experts recommend this process if you’re keen on protecting your brand from exploitation that may lead to tarnishing your image.

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What is the cheapest way to trademark?

The cheapest way to trademark is to use the original image, words, phrase, or any combination of your business. Under the country’s common law, you have valid claims to these marks as long as you establish that it’s connected to your business. However, it’s not as guaranteed as filing for registration.

Our Top Pick For a Trademark Service Provider: LegalZoom

Legalzoom trademark services

Many online platforms offer the best trademark services, but LegalZoom definitely tops them all. Although the company isn’t a trademark-centric service, our legal experts found reassurance in its attorney support offerings. 

Having this feature for trademark registration is crucial, especially for individuals who are not familiar with the process and paperwork.

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