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Which is the Best Wyoming Registered Agent Services For Your Business? (2024)

More than a legal requirement, electing the best registered agent is crucial. However, with many viable options available, it’s easy to fall victim to an inferior service. 

To give your Wyoming business the leverage to maintain good standing with the state and end your frantic search, our team has curated a list of reliable services suited for your business needs.

Reviews of the Top Wyoming Registered Agent Services

1. Zen Business

Despite being a small company, Zen Business understands the need for automation and technology when it comes to securing your business documents online. 

Should you decide to hire them as your registered agent, you’ll find ease accessing their user-friendly and straightforward platform and get your files protected at the same time. 

As a company that has been serving the industry for a long time now, their customers can expect them to act as reliable registered agents promptly receiving and forwarding crucial demands and notices from the state government. 

Their efficient service gained them positive feedback throughout the internet with an impressive 9.4 out of 10 ratings on Trustpilot.



2. Northwest Registered Agent

With their infamous slogan “We are not annoying,” this family-owned company truly delivers only what is needed through unmatched customer support, re-assuring data protection, and fast procedures. 

Although this option isn’t the cheapest one out there, our team commends their premium packages that are inclusive of virtual office and mail forwarding services with regular business compliance filing. 

Another reason why we included Northwest as one of the best Wyoming registered agent services is because of their established expertise. They have over two decades of industry experience and around 200 employees ready to assist your registered agent needs. 

If you bump into technical issues, rest assured that their knowledgeable team will handle your problems promptly.



3. Incfile

In terms of popularity, Incfile tops the list of best service providers in the country. As one of the few companies offering free formation packages with a one-year statutory service, it’s not surprising that many business owners recommended their offerings. 

From their great organization tools that help customers keep track of compliance events up to their inexpensive premium packages, this company gained our experts’ approval unanimously. 

And did we tell you that Incfile also doesn’t have hidden fees or upsells in their packages? True to its positive reviews online, their Automatic Mail Forwarding features and tailored notifications are true saving grace for budding businesses.



4. LegalZoom

Steps to avail LegalZoom registered agent service

Another popular option to go for when searching for a registered agent service is LegalZoom. Besides receiving and forwarding documents on your behalf, they initiate a call before sending anything. 

As if that isn’t enough to impress our team, you’ll also have access to a compliance calendar so you wouldn’t miss any deadlines that may incur penalties and administrative consequences. All these features are inclusive in the subscription and come without additional costs, unlike some of their competitors. 

The customer support representatives’ efficiency is also commendable as they handle issues and queries extended to rating websites adequately without any delays.



A Guide In Choosing a Wyoming Registered Agent

Experience and Track Record

During our team’s first-hand trial with these providers, we can say that experience and track record really align with the quality of offerings of these best Wyoming registered agent services. 

Although that’s not always the case, many years of industry expertise means that the company already handled multiple clients and served solutions to various issues that may arise during your subscription.

Offers and Pricing

One of the first things you should be wary about is the service’s specific features and corresponding prices. Although companies like Incfile provide free packages, keep in mind that it may or may not include the offerings that suit your business. 

In terms of pricing, ensure that the value it adds to your company equates to or outweighs the price you invested.

NorthWest Registered Agent

Customer Support

Because you’ll be navigating through an online platform to access these services, their customer support services must be responsive and reliable. After all, your registered agent will be the one managing and forwarding all your state demands and notices. 

On top of that, make sure that your chosen registered agent can be reached in multiple methods like live chat, emails, phone calls, or even through social media channels.


Although upselling has been an effective traditional form of marketing, sometimes it may come off as uninteresting and upsetting [1]. Despite that, it may also help new business owners discover additional services that their companies will need in the long run. As long as it’s delivered appropriately and not too imposing, different offerings can broaden your options. 

LegalZoom registered agent service


Do I need a registered agent in Wyoming?

Yes, you need a registered agent in Wyoming. In fact, most states in the country are required to have one under the law. If you’re incorporating a business, your formation articles won’t be accepted or processed without an official registered agent service and/or representative.

Our Top Pick For a Wyoming Registered Agent: Zen Business

Despite the tough competition among the options listed in this best Wyoming registered agent review, our team decided to hail Zen Business as our top pick. Owing to its perfect combination of industry experience, platform simplicity, and worry-free guarantee, this company ultimately gained our seal of approval.

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