Starting and running a Limited Liability Company can be a bit overwhelming. That’s why you need reliable and trusted LLC services like LegalZoom and Bizfilings who have been in the industry for many years. 

In this Bizfilings vs LegalZoom comparison, our experts will give you first hand and valuable information to be certain which one is the better option for your business.

Features of Bizfilings and LegalZoom

Packages and Pricing

Usually, when you’re getting an LLC service company such as Direct Incorporation LLC services, you want to look at the cost and state fee. Some companies charge outrageously with the state fee and offer the bare minimum in return for  their features. The same does not apply in this battle of LegalZoom vs Bizfilings LLC formation service.

Bizfilings packages include services that get started at $99. Our experts find that this is fairly affordable for most as it includes the formation of your LLC. It also gets you the necessary features you’ll need to get your business off the ground. In addition, you may also get free registered agent service for six month. 

Meanwhile you can get started with LegalZoom at a comfortable price of $79. This is more affordable than Bizfilings. With a starting price this low, it’s fairly easy for you to cut costs while still getting the basic features you’ll need.

Overall, in terms of pricing and inclusions of packages, LegalZoom is the clear winner.

Winner: LegalZoom

Experience and History

The longer a company has been around, the better the company is generally. Usually, a longer-existing company would’ve had the chance to understand the industry properly. For this reason, they’re often equipped to cope with any challenges that may come up in the process of carrying out their responsibilities to their customers. However, the most important thing is how many customers a company has been able to work with beyond all these.


Bizfilings has been around since 1996. It is older than MyCorporation LLC service that has been founded in 1998. In its many years of existence, the company has served about 500,000 businesses across different states. However, the numbers still aren’t quite as high as the competition.

To put that in perspective, LegalZoom was established in 1999. This makes it about three years younger than Bizfilings. However, LegalZoom has helped more than two million businesses. Apart from the 2 million businesses they have accomodated, they has gathered more than 4 million customers across the world. Thus, this particular Bizfilings vs LegalZoom battle has a clear winner.

Winner: LegalZoom

Registered Agent Service: Bizfilings and LegalZoom

All LLCs in the US are required to have registered agent service providers including the well-known Harvard Business Services. This could be an online service or a person. The registered agent’s package includes everything from receiving your legal document deliveries to sending those legal documents to you.

This is incredibly important for several reasons. For starters, the state government needs a way to send correspondence across to your LLC as often as is required. Apart from that, if you receive these deliveries directly, you could be vulnerable to invasion of your privacy and a truckload of junk mail.

Bizfilings will include registered agent service that costs about $164 per year. LegalZoom, on the other hand, has price points of up to $299 per year. Apart from the registered agent services Bizfilings provides, Bizfilings will give you six months of registered agent services if you choose their LLC formation package. The six months of registered agent service will help you cut costs effectively. 

Unlike other reputable registered agent services, LegalZoom, however, does not offer these 6 months of free registered agent services. These six months of registered agent service puts Bizfilings ahead of its LLC formation service competitor in the Bizfillings vs. LegalZoom race.

Turnaround Time

Usually, when tracking turnaround times, companies would give estimates based on each client’s states. Bizfilings and LegalZoom, however, choose a different approach. They give turnaround times based on your preferred service package.



LegalZoom offers different turnaround times for its packages. For their Express Gold, Standard, and Economic packages they give 7-10, 15, 30 business days, respectively. 

The same goes for Bizfilings as they offer different turnaround times for their packages. For their Complete and Standard packages, they give 7-10 business days of processing while for their Basic package, 4 to 6 weeks. 

At its lowest, Bizfilings Basic package offers roughly the same turnaround duration as LegalZoom’s Economy to form an LLC. At its highest, Bizfilings offers the exact turnaround duration as LegalZoom. The only difference is in their Standard and Complete package to form an LLC. 

User-friendliness of Bizfilings and LegalZoom

Our team believe that it’s a must to use leading LLC formation services that will be easy to handle. This largely translates to ease in using the company’s website, swiftness of the application process’s completion, and stress-free customer care contact.

For the most part, both of these companies have what he following qualities in terms of use of use. You can find the call-to-action on both sites easily, and our experts confirm that the application process is a smooth sail. It would seem as though we have a tie, but we would have to give LegalZoom the floor here.

While they both have websites, LegalZoom is unarguably the most modern of the two. Its content and buttons are lined up effectively for you to move easily from one area to another.

Winner: LegalZoom

Additional Services of Bizfilings and LegalZoom

These two companies both offer excellent standard services. However, beyond the registered agent service, each service provider has additional features that come with using their company. A few of those additional services include:

1. Operating Agreements

An operating agreement is a document that essentially defines how your Limited Liability Company will operate. It clearly outlines every member’s roles within the company and what they would contribute to the company’s growth. This could be financial efforts or other such nuances. When every member of the company signs this agreement, it could serve as a formal business contract. Given its importance, drafting it could be quite a bit of work. Bizfilings and LegalZoom both offer these agreements.


2. Federal Tax ID Acquisition

Your federal tax ID/EIN is a vital part of your Limited Liability Company/business. It serves as a unique identifier for your tax accounts. The IRS of the United States is in charge of assigning this ID. Applying for it could take precious time out of your hands. Bizfilings and LegalZoom both offer to help you get this done pretty easily.

3. Foreign Qualification

This service will be particularly useful to you if you’re considering moving your business to another state. You see, as an LLC, you cannot simply expand into another state by setting up shop. You have to register within that state as a foreign entity. It takes some time to complete this as well. But, LegalZoom and Bizfilings offers to simplify the process by doing it for you.

typing on a keyboard

Apart from these three, Bizfilings have the following services and features: a 30-day free trial of Quickbook, $50 discount off a toll-free phone number, and two complimentary months of a business email.

Apart from the preparation and filing of an annual report with a compliance calendar, LegalZoom also has a few services that Bizfilings does not offer. However, these services are centered on personal issues, unlike that of a registered agent service. For example, LegalZoom can assist with your divorce proceedings (they could assist with legal advice), last will/testament, and power of attorney[1]

In this part of the LegalZoom vs Bizfilings, our experts don’t have a clear winner. They both offer different useful additions to their services.

Customer Support: Bizfilings and LegalZoom

Customer service is a significant part of working with an LLC. It determines how smoothly you’ll be able to complete different tasks. It will also help you to resolve issues properly as soon as something arises.

customer support

It’s fairly easy for you to reach Bizfilings if you have to tackle any issues. You can reach their customer service via phone, webchat, or email. They’re available every weekday between 9:00 a.m. and 8:00 p.m. Our team finds their customer help polite and courteous enough to work with pleasantly.

LegalZoom also has excellent customer service that is as effective as it is polite. However, the difference between these two companies is that LegalZoom’s customer care is available for much longer than Bizfilings. LegalZoom’s customer care lines are open on weekdays from 10:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m. each week. They’re also open from 10:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m. every weekend. This extra contact time is excellent when you need to resolve certain issues as they happen.  In this regard, LegalZoom has a clear advantage in this aspect.

Winner: LegalZoom

Guarantee: Bizfilings and LegalZoom

These two companies provide you with a 100% customer satisfaction guarantee. Their services are comparable to the first class online incorporation services today. If you aren’t satisfied, you can get your money refunded. With Bizfilings, the refund policy on the LLC business formation services involves getting a $50 cancellation fee. It also requires a $75 fee if Bizfilings had performed the initial name check.

LegalZoom, however, doesn’t have these. It simply refunds your money within the first 60 days.

Winner: LegalZoom

Customer Reviews

Keep in mind that Bizfilings’ LLC formation service doesn’t get a lot of customer reviews on third-party websites. However, LegalZoom has more than 1500 customer reviews on the internet regarding its formation packages and most of them are positive.

scrolling on a mouse

Winner: LegalZoom


Which has a quicker turnaround between the two?

Neither of the two has a quicker turnaround time. They’re both equally fast at their highest packages. At their lowest, there isn’t much of a difference either.

What is the most recommended package from Bizfilings and LegalZoom?

The most recommended package from Bizfilings and LegalZoom is the Basic plan. It is the most affordable, and it has virtually everything you’re going to need. This includes registered service, LLC formation, business name availability confirmation, and more.

Overall Winner: LegalZoom

LegalZoom logo

This LegalZoom vs Bizfilings comparion showed that LegalZoom is the best LLC service provider for any old/new business or online incorporation. LegalZoom offers a very affordable business formation service for anyone looking to start a business. In addition, they have served millions of customers across the world. These customers have then left thousands of reviews online about their formation packages. Should you decide to use them for your business, LegalZoom can provide customer support from Monday through Friday for any package you choose.

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