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South Carolina Business Entity Search: A Step-by-Step Guide

The South Carolina Secretary of State Business Name Search portal allows users to use two methods for a quick business search. 

Through these options, aspiring business owners can confirm the availability of their desired names. Members of the public can also be granted access to information on all businesses in the Palmetto State. 

To know how, follow this guide below:

South Carolina Secretary of State Business Name Search

Before commencing your search, open the South Carolina Secretary of State Business Name Search portal [1]. Here, you can find a blank search bar and various search options, which you can choose from depending on the information you have. 

All the steps involved for each function and option are presented on this page to help you understand the process. 

Also, do note that the information such as businesses’ extensive details and filing history are based on the South Carolina State Secretary’s records. 

Business Name Search

Step 1

As previously mentioned, open the business name search portal of the South Carolina’s SOS site. 

To check the availability of a particular business entity or find a specific business in the state, enter a name on the designated field. 

Click the drop-down menu beside the search bar. Then, select from the options ‘Begins With,’ ‘Contains,’ and ‘Exact Match’

Once done, hit the search button to generate results. 

Step 1

Step 2

If the name is available there should be no results generated on the page. 

Meanwhile, if the name is taken, the page will generate a list of results that matched the name you have provided. This means that the name has already been registered to another business. 

See the sample screenshot below for reference. 

Step 2

If you’re looking for a specific business in the state, scroll through the list and find the one that matches your inquiry. Once you arrive at the business of your interest, select the name to be linked to another page.

Step 3

On this page, you can now review a summary of information regarding the business. These include its registered agent, corporation history records, and more. 

If you wish to file for an existing business, there is an Add Filing option on the same page. 

Step 3

You may also request certain documents regarding the subject business with the Request Documents button.

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