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DivorceWriter Review (2024): Services, Costs, and More

Handling uncontested divorce documents may seem easy, but the required paperwork has complexities not everyone can understand. And with online divorce companies like DivorceWriter claiming to make your filings easier, it’s natural to wonder if it’s legit or a scam.

Curious about the kind of service DivorceWriter offers, our legal experts reviewed the entire process of this online service to see its edge over its competitors. 

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What is DivorceWriter: Is it Legit?

Given that it’s an online divorce service, it’s not surprising that some people doubt the legitimacy of the DivorceWriter website. Fortunately, after thorough checking and trials, our legal team could confidently say that it’s a registered company founded in Bellevue, Washington, in 2005. 

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In fact, Divorce Writer is a service offered by a business entity called Pro Se Planning. If you’re dealing with an uncontested divorce, Pro Se Planning services can assist by providing complete and convenient online divorce forms. 

DivorceWriter Features

Services Offered

If you check their offerings closely as we did, you’ll see that DivorceWriter provides its customers with all types of online divorce forms. 

Whether you need legal forms on settlement, spousal support, or any divorce papers the state requires, we can bet that you can find the right document package to purchase.

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You don’t have to go through the complexities of divorce, since they make the process stress-free with offerings like an unlimited revision on documents for up to two years. It means that you possess free editing capabilities on the forms you’ll submit to the court during that duration. 

Three-Step Process

One of the reasons why our resident lawyers recommend DivorceWriter is its easy process. The first step Pro Se Planning recommends before filling out paper forms is to check if you qualify for an online divorce procedure. 

You may not know, but you cannot gain anything from your DivorceWriter purchase if you’re dealing with a contested divorce. For those types of concerns, our team recommends seeking help from a divorce negotiation platform or availing divorce attorney services from the site’s sister company. 

The next step you have to complete is the online interview. You’ll have to provide helpful information and answer questions to make your document preparation faster. This online interview includes state-related queries as well. 

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After DivorceWriter finishes a detailed review of your application, the complete online divorce forms will be mailed in print so that you can take them to the local court.

Turnaround Time

It’s not a secret that online customers have many options to get their desired goods and services faster [1]. Lucky for you, quick turnaround time is part of DivorceWriter pros. 

After finishing the three-step procedure for uncontested divorces, you can request the complete documents and forms to be sent to your email right away. 

However, if you wish to receive the divorce forms in print, you may need to wait a few days or weeks to receive them. The best we can suggest is to get their priority mail services for a faster delivery through the mail. 


Our website testers can definitely give DivorceWriter a full five stars for its ease of use. Anyone who has experienced their three-step procedure can testify that completing divorce forms on their platform is easier than filling out your own documents in person. They’ll also provide information on how you should submit the divorce forms they provided. 

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If you received your divorce forms and want to change anything about it, all you need to do is log your DivorceWriter account in. As previously stated, you have full revision capabilities for two years as part of your service package. 

You may review your answers during the interview and adjust it all according to the details of your divorce. 

Attorney Support

The platform isn’t allowed to act as your attorney for divorce trials as its main function is to simplify the documentation for you. DivorceWriter has a sister website called Total Legal that can offer you discounted attorney support offerings if you really need legal assistance.


Upon our team’s checking, this website is one of the divorce form services with the lowest price. You’ll only have to pay for over a hundred dollars to avail their complete offerings, while other popular alternatives go over $300. 

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Another perk we love in this DivorceWriter review is its wide availability in 50 states of America. As long as you meet the residency requirements, it doesn’t matter if you’ll file a divorce in South Dakota, Rhode Island, West Virginia, North Dakota, South Carolina, or New Mexico. The same case applies even if you and your spouse got married in a different country.

Customer Support

DivorceWriter has a great customer service line for basic queries. In fact, you can reach them through email or a toll-free phone number during working hours. There are also DivorceWriter FAQs on the website to cater to your typical divorce queries. 

However, our team would like to note that the website has no live chat support to assist customers on the spot. 


Document accuracy is one of DivorceWriter’s biggest assets, so it’s only natural that they guarantee court acceptance of your forms. If the court rejects the document you submitted, we suggest bringing it up to the customer service as this platform guarantees a full refund specifically for this event. 

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They also guarantee state-specific guidelines on filing your divorce paper, with fees and process timeline. 

Customer Experience

As a Better Business Bureau (BBB) accredited business, you’ll find a ton of reviews on the internet. Most feedback has 5 stars, and if there are any negative reviews, the agents on the review sites cater to them right away. 

Most of the reviews praise the site’s user-friendliness and how fast the process is, from the interview to the availability of forms through email. And given the low pricing of the service, many customers are exclaiming how they were able to save money. 


How long are DivorceWriter documents valid?

Generally, DivorceWriter documents have no expiration as long as it’s unsigned. The duration of a divorce paper may only proceed when it’s filed and signed. However, keep in mind that changes in the law may change the validity of your legal documents. 

Nevertheless, you have editing capabilities on the forms for two years; that’s why changes could easily be accommodated through the platform.

How fast can I get my documents?

The divorce forms can be emailed to you right away as soon as your application has been processed. You have the option to print the papers yourself or request printed copies via mail. However, the mailing process could take days or weeks. Their priority mailing service is a click away if you don’t want to wait.

Is the website secure?

Yes, the DivorceWriter website is secured. The platform has SSL encryption, so you can be assured that your details wouldn’t be compromised. They also wouldn’t share you and your spouse’s information with any third-party services unless needed in the filing of your divorce.

DivorceWriter Review Conclusion

After evaluating their services and looking through DivorceWriter reviews, our legal experts conclude that the platform is both legit and helpful. With a budget-friendly price range and simple document processing, there’s no doubt that this online service is worth every dollar and time you’ll invest. 

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