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How 11-Year-Olds Can Make Money: 13 Ways

In today’s world, teaching young minds the value of money and resourcefulness is crucial. Exploring ways for 11-year-olds to make money can be an excellent stepping stone towards financial understanding and responsibility. 

Let’s delve into a few safe and age-appropriate opportunities that can empower these youngsters with valuable life skills.

Ways 11-Year-Olds Can Make Money

1. Online Surveys

Online surveys present a simple and viable option for 11-year-olds to earn money. Numerous market research companies offer surveys tailored for younger participants, seeking their opinions on various products and services. 

using laptop

While earnings per survey might be modest, the cumulative effort can yield a reasonable income over time. With parental guidance and online safety precautions in place, this avenue can provide a valuable lesson in expressing opinions and understanding market dynamics.

2. Social Media

Harnessing the power of social media is another avenue through which 11-year-olds can explore money-making opportunities. Platforms like Instagram or YouTube [1] enable young talents to showcase their hobbies, such as crafting, gaming, or storytelling. 

By creating engaging content and building a modest following, they can attract advertisers or sponsors. While parental supervision and adherence to age-appropriate content are paramount, this route allows kids to cultivate creativity while learning about digital responsibility and potential earnings.

3. Weeding

Engaging in local jobs like weeding can provide 11-year-olds with a tangible sense of responsibility and a chance to earn money. 

Offering their services to neighbors or community members for tasks such as gardening or yard maintenance not only helps them learn the value of hard work but also fosters a sense of connection within their surroundings. 


It’s an opportunity for them to develop essential life skills while contributing positively to their immediate environment and earning a small income in return.

4. Raking Leaves

During the autumn season, raking leaves can become a profitable venture for 11-year-olds. By offering their assistance to homeowners in need of yard cleanup, youngsters can earn money while enjoying the outdoors. 

This task not only teaches the value of physical labor and time management but also instills a sense of accomplishment as they witness the transformation of messy yards into orderly spaces. 

It’s a simple yet effective way for them to learn about earning, responsibility, and the rewards of hard work.

5. Wrapping Presents

As the holiday season approaches, 11-year-olds can tap into their creativity and organizational skills by offering a gift-wrapping service to family, friends, and neighbors. This task allows them to earn money while helping others prepare for special occasions. 

wrapping a present

By mastering the art of neatly wrapping presents and adding personal touches, they not only learn about the importance of presentation but also gain a sense of pride in their work. It’s a festive and enjoyable way for them to contribute to celebrations and earn a little extra income.

6. Pet Sitting

For animal-loving 11-year-olds, pet sitting can be a rewarding avenue to earn money. Caring for neighbors’ or friends’ pets while they’re away offers valuable lessons in responsibility and empathy. 

Whether it’s feeding, walking, or simply providing companionship, this task allows kids to develop trust and rapport with animals and their owners. 

With proper guidance and clear instructions, it’s an opportunity for young individuals to learn about commitment, time management, and the joys of caring for furry friends while earning a modest income.

7. Washing Cars

Offering a car washing service can be a productive way for 11-year-olds to earn money while providing a practical service to their community. By approaching neighbors, friends, and family, they can help keep vehicles clean and sparkling. 

washing car

This hands-on task not only teaches them the value of hard work and attention to detail but also fosters communication skills and customer interactions. It’s a straightforward yet effective method for kids to learn about earning, entrepreneurship, and the satisfaction of a job well done.

8. Washing Windows

11-year-olds can explore the world of entrepreneurship and responsibility by offering window washing services to their local community. This task provides them with a practical and visually evident way to earn money while learning the importance of thoroughness and precision. 

By tackling tasks such as cleaning windows, they gain insights into the value of presentation and the satisfaction of enhancing the aesthetics of homes or businesses. 

This experience fosters a sense of accomplishment and an understanding of the direct correlation between effort, quality, and compensation.

9. Tidying Toys

Helping younger children and their parents by tidying up toys can offer 11-year-olds a meaningful opportunity to earn money. This task not only teaches them about organization and tidiness but also imparts a sense of responsibility and helpfulness. 

tidying toys

By demonstrating their ability to create an orderly environment, they showcase their reliability to parents who may be busy or in need of assistance. This straightforward yet valuable task allows kids to understand that their efforts and contributions are both recognized and rewarded.

10. Plant Sitting

Plant sitting can be a unique and educational way for 11-year-olds to earn money while nurturing their love for nature. Caring for indoor plants or gardens when owners are away offers valuable lessons in patience and responsibility. 

Learning about watering schedules, sunlight needs, and potential pests not only fosters an understanding of plant care but also teaches them about commitment and reliability. 

This opportunity allows young individuals to contribute to the well-being of living things while earning a modest income and cultivating essential life skills.

11. Making Beds

11-year-olds can provide a helpful service by offering to make beds for busy families or individuals in their community. This task teaches them the importance of attention to detail and presentation. By ensuring neatly made beds, they contribute to a tidy and organized living space. 

making bed

This simple yet valuable service not only allows them to earn money but also instills a sense of accomplishment and the understanding that their efforts directly impact the comfort and aesthetics of a home.

12. Helping With Dishes

Assisting with dishes is a practical way for 11-year-olds to earn money while contributing to household tasks. By helping to wash, dry, and put away dishes, they learn the importance of teamwork and responsibility. 

This chore teaches them about maintaining a clean and organized kitchen, and the value of pitching in to lighten the load for busy parents or caregivers. Through this straightforward task, they not only earn a small income but also develop skills that promote a sense of contribution and cooperation.

13. Doing Laundry

By helping to sort, wash, dry, and fold clothes, they learn about the importance of cleanliness and organization. This task instills valuable life skills such as following instructions, handling different fabrics, and completing tasks thoroughly. 

By contributing to the household routine, they not only earn income but also gain a sense of accomplishment and the understanding that their contributions play a meaningful role in maintaining a well-functioning home.


Encouraging financial responsibility from a young age, these simple earning methods can instill valuable skills. 

Whether through chores, services, or creative endeavors, 11-year-olds can learn the rewards of hard work and responsible money management, setting a foundation for their future financial decisions.

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