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How Long Does it Take to Form an LLC in Arizona?

As a state known for its budget-friendly operational costs, it’s no surprise why many companies crowd in Arizona to incorporate their LLCs. However, given the massive business registrations in the state, is there a way to fast-track your company’s incorporation?

Join our team as we explore your filing options to see if Arizona’s registration process is fast enough to meet your business needs. 

Processing Times in Arizona

Every state has different processing times. In Arizona, their processing timetable begins as soon as the state secretary’s office receives your LLC filings. Once reviewed, it’ll enter their system, and you’ll get your feedback via mail or online.

Type of LLC Filing
General Processing
Expedited Processing

Mail Submissions

2 weeks or more

six workdays to a week

Online Filings

1 to 2 workdays


Approval Period in Arizona

If you send your LLC filings through the mail, approval timetable includes the overall turnaround time, including the transit of your documents. Many external factors could affect your mail submission, so our team doesn’t recommend it if you’re in a hurry to incorporate your business entity in Arizona.  

On the other hand, your online submission has no transit time and is directly applied and reviewed to the state system.

By Mail

In general, your LLC registration could take up to 4 weeks if you file it through the mail. Depending on the external factors like peak seasons, it can even reach up to 5 weeks.

mailbox in front of a house

And while the actual processing only takes about 14 to 16 business days, we recommend you add the time your files are in the mail to the total approval time.


How long does it take to form an LLC in Arizona if you file it online? It’ll only take one to two days for the system to review and approve your submission. Because your filings are directly encoded into the system, you wouldn’t have to consider the duration of mailing time. 

Is There an Expedited LLC Filing Option in Arizona?

Yes, the state of Arizona provides businesses expedited services to form their LLC. However, it does not include the online submission because that option already has a faster process. 

On top of your registration fees, you’ll be required to pay an extra $35 for faster processing. After you avail of this service, expect feedback from your submission in around six to eight working days. 

The Fastest Way to Form an LLC in Arizona

With the absence of mail transit, online LLC filing is still the quickest way to get your LLC registered. If we compare it to the typical mail submission, which could take weeks before the approval, submitting files online makes the incorporation process more time-saving. 

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How Much Does it Cost to Form an LLC in Arizona?

Forming a business in Arizona would cost you around 150 to 200 dollars. In this LLC expenses estimation, our team included payments for initial state fees and publishing costs. 

If you plan to avail professional services like formation and registered agent companies, you should factor that into your budget. 

Hiring LLC Formation Services + Registered Agents

As a business expanding or launching a company in Arizona, you can opt for professional services to handle all the legwork of your registration. These companies are accessible online and have a ton of industry experience to file your state requirements without the risk of manual errors that could cause delays in processing your submissions. 

Hiring registered agent companies are also helpful if you don’t have a physical address in the state. They’ll be the ones representing your company on your behalf and receive important documents from the state. 

Steps in Forming an LLC in Arizona and Filing Requirements

There are some steps you should consider when incorporating an LLC in Arizona [1]. And one of the first things we recommend is checking if your business name is available for registration. You may not know, but your trade name should be unique to avoid legal conflicts. 

LLC formation steps on LegalZoom

And then, you should elect a registered agent before including them in your articles of organization. Once you have submitted the files, you should work on legal requirements like getting an EIN, completing publication requirements, writing an operating agreement, and opening a bank account.

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The main reason why the answer to the question “How long does it take to form an LLC in Arizona” isn’t always accurate is because there are external factors to consider. If you’re a new entrepreneur, unfamiliarity with the process could cause delays and erroneous filings. To avoid this, our resident experts recommend seeking assistance from professional formation services.

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