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How Long Does it Take to Form an LLC in Florida?

Thanks to its streamlined business regulation, Florida has been highly sought-after by aspiring LLC owners. However, with thousands of company registrations every year, how long do you have to wait to form your business entity in this state? 

In this post, our trade experts will discuss Florida’s LLC filing timetable so that you can complete your submissions at ease.

Processing Times in Florida

The processing time of your LLC usually depends on the complexity of your filing. Estimating the total processing time often starts when the state secretary’s office receives the documents you’ve sent via mail or online. After the approval, it would take a certain number of days before they send you a confirmation via electronic mail.

Type of LLC Filings
Normal Processing
Expedited Processing

Mail Submission

3 to 7 workdays (5 to 10 for online file availability)


Online Filing

1 to 3 workdays


Approval Period in Florida

Given that the process of document transit is different in both methods, expect the approval period to vary. The total turnaround time of your LLC approval could also be affected by various factors like peak seasons. 

So if you need to register your LLC right away, our business experts recommend planning your registration timetable away from holiday seasons when most companies process theirs. 

By Mail

If we include the mailing time, the overall approval time of your Florida LLC could take around 3 to 4 weeks. But once the registration documents reach the state secretary’s office, their processing duration will only take up to 7 days approximately. 

mailbox in front of a house


Now, how long does it take to form an LLC in Florida if you do it through their website? The fastest approval time could be one day up to three days. You may be wondering why the duration seems a lot shorter than through the mail. It’s because the filings are direct to the online system and don’t need to be lined up for encoding. 

Is There an Expedited LLC Filing Option in Florida?

No, Florida’s document processing [1] doesn’t have an expedited option. Since the processing only takes a few days in both methods (excluding the mailing time), the state does not see the need to provide expedited services. 

The Fastest Way to Form an LLC in Florida

Like any other state, the best way to form your LLC quickly is through online filings. Since it’s directly submitted to their system, the process will skip the mail transit time and reach the approval procedure quicker. 

online filing

LLC Formation Costs

Depending on the complexity of your LLC formation, your company’s incorporation could cost from less than $50 up to $500. 

When calculating your registration expenses, our team recommends including the cost for additional services like hiring a registered agent company and online formation services. 

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Hiring LLC Formation Services + Registered Agents

Not every business owner have the time to spare to handle the registration process themselves. So if you’re having a hard time managing the legwork, you can focus on the business operation by hiring an online formation service. 

These companies will handle all the registration procedures on your company’s behalf. Our business specialists also urge you to use their services if you’re unfamiliar with legal filings. Doing this will help you avoid delays caused by inaccuracies in your document submissions. 

The same scenario applies to registered agents. As you know, registered agents are one of the requirements you should fulfill when incorporating an LLC in Florida. And because your company cannot act as its own registered agent, hiring a professional to handle your state documents is a great alternative to consider. 

How to Form an LLC in Florida

Before submitting the required documents to form your LLC, you should decide on a unique business name for your company. Keep in mind that it should be unique and not similar to any active businesses in Florida. 

After that, you should formalize your registration by submitting your articles of organization, drafting an operating agreement, and obtaining an EIN. We also urge you to check if your business requires any professional or business licenses to operate within the state to avoid conflicts in the future. 


The answer to the query “How long does it take to form an LLC in Florida?” doesn’t always end with one conclusion. Keep in mind that many factors may affect your LLC’s processing timetable. If you’re really in a hurry, we suggest hiring professional service providers to avoid inaccuracies and delays in your filing. 

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