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How Long Does it Take to Form an LLC in NY?

Launching a business in New York comes with prestige and world market connections. But despite all of its international influence, can you quickly get your LLC form in the state without any hassle? 

Let our business experts walk you through the processing and approval timetable of New York so that you can manage your expectations when incorporating an LLC.

Processing Times in NY

The processing time of your LLC in New York starts when the DOS office receives the filings and requirements through mail or online submission. 

However, our resident business experts would like to remind you that external factors like holiday seasons could change these timetable estimations. 

Type of LLC Filings
Regular Processing
Expedited Processing

Mail Submissions

3 weeks to 4 months

2 hours to 24 hours

Online Filings

Right away


Approval Period in NY

When you send out your filings via online or mail submissions, that’s when your total approval period begins. 

If you filed your LLC documents through a mail service, you should include the transit time in your company’s incorporation timetable. 

By Mail

Sending your LLC filings via mail is among the most common (and old) methods of processing your business entity.

mailbox in front of a house

Given that it’ll go through manual transit, our team would like to note that it’ll take weeks and even months until your submission is reviewed and approved by the DOS. You should also consider the time it’ll spend in the mailing process. 


The next question is how long does it take to form an LLC in NY if you file the documents online? The answer is as short as your waiting time—it gets processed right away!

As long as you file it during office hours, you may expect a response within an hour or two. Since all you need to do is fill out the electronic forms, the documents will go directly to the DOS system for review. 

Is There an Expedited LLC Filing Option in New York?

Yes, forming a limited liability company in New York can be expedited [1]. But since online filings are already fast enough, this service is only available for mail submissions. 

online filing for an LLC in NY

There are three expedited options you can choose from according to your processing needs, from 2 hours to 24 hours. However, remember that the price range for these services varies according to the speed of approval and review. 

The Fastest Way to Form an LLC in New York

Online LLC filing is still the fastest way to form your LLC in NY. You just need to fill out the information and send it straight to their system, so it forfeits transit time that you have to consider when sending it through a mail service.

New York LLC Formation Costs

Forming NY LLCs isn’t the cheapest process out there. In fact, it has a filing fee of $200 upon registration and would require fees for biennial filings and LLC publications. Additional expenses are expected when you hire registered agents or formation services to help you with documentation legworks. 

Hiring LLC Formation Services + Registered Agents

If you find yourself unsure of all the filing requirements, seeking help from professional formation services can lighten your burden. On top of that, these companies have enough industry experience to manage your state submissions accurately. 

LLC formation steps on LegalZoom

Most of these services also offer registered agent services in their packages, so you wouldn’t need to worry about finding one. 

Steps in Forming an LLC in NY and Requirements

When filing registration for an LLC in New York, you have to check if your desired business name isn’t used by other active companies operating in the state. Our resident entrepreneurs suggest doing a business name check before proceeding with any incorporation process. 

Unlike other states, New York also has publication requirements you have to fulfill as a new LLC owner. Once that’s done, you can submit articles of organization, apply for an EIN, and create an operating agreement. Opening a separate business bank account is also a great way to avoid conflict in the long run. 

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Answering the question “How long does it take to form an LLC in NY?” doesn’t have one definite answer. If you read our discussion thoroughly, you’d know that there are certain factors to consider when estimating its processing timetable. However, if you don’t want to experience hassles and delays, we can assure you that there’s no shame in hiring professional services.

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