Are you finding it hard to choose the right service for your LLC? Well, you are about to find out the most important features and factors you need to get your business underway. The Incfile vs Bizfilings comparison is a tight one. 

This makes it a difficult task, however, we simplify your choice process in this article by differentiating between the Incfile’s and Bizfilings’ registered agent services. 

Features of Incfile and Bizfilings

Company History and Track Record

Bizfilings has been open since 1996 and has served over 500,000 businesses across various states. Incfile, on the other hand, was formed in 2004 and helped in the formation of about 250,000 businesses. 

Incfile has staff that work with the formation requirements needed in all the 50 states of America and Washington DC. However, Bizfilings offers a wider range of options based on their 24-year experience of registered agent service. 

You need an LLC formation service that would help you grow and build your business based on their effectiveness and long years of providing the LLC services. This service provider is Bizfilings.

Incfile and Bizfilings Registered Agent Service

Both companies have packages that include a registered agent service. However, Bizfilings offers this service for only six months while the Incfile package includes a full year of registered agent service that is free.

Incfile gives you the advantage of enjoying their services which includes receiving your important documents from your state government, informing you about these documents and forwarding the documents to you for 12 months free of charge.

Bizfilings offers six months of service although they respond earlier to customers than Incfile. With Bizfilings and Incfile you enjoy privacy, organization and compliance with your state laws by giving your company alerts when you get important information. 

If you want a free registered agent service, choose Incfile. However, if you prefer better services, then Bizfilings is the best choice for you. 

Incfile and Bizfilings Additional Services

Bizfilings and Incfile offer you both free and paid additional services to support you in properly building your LLC. As an LLC formation service similar to LegalZoom or LegalDepot, Bizfilings supports a publication service for areas like New York that require such service. 

However, the services Incfile supports is different from that. Incfile provides its customers with business accounting services. Both of the distinct services from these business formation service providers are ones that you have to purchase.

However, they both support annual reports, foreign qualifications, business license research, EIN/ Federal Tax ID obtainment, etc. These additional services would enhance your business formation process and open you up to options that do not necessarily require payment. 

Whichever one you decide to use between these service providers, your LLC business would definitely be able to keep track of crucial information with ease especially with the annual report that you need. 


Incfile and Bizfilings have user-friendly dashboards that allow you to easily access your documents, information, reminders, deadlines and state requirements. The ease of use that you experience while on either of their dashboards is remarkable as you have access to business formation tips and advice that would help your LLC business thrive.

Also, Bizfilings and Incfile have similar services when it comes to their customer service. Bizfilings runs a longer customer service that runs from 9 am to 8 pm on their weekdays while Incfile’s customer service runs from 10 am to 7 pm only from Mondays to Fridays. 

Bizfilings gives you an extra 2 hours of quality service starting early in the morning and entering well into the night. By using this customer support, you can easily reach out to them during your business hours. Based on the customer support system, using Bizfilings for your business formation is a better option especially because of its impeccable phone and email support. 

Incfile and Bizfilings: Turnaround Times

The turnaround times of Incfile and Bizfilings differ based on what they are tied to. It is normal  for LLC services including Swyft Filings and LegalZoom to vary in turnaround times. Incfile uses packages like the silver package, the gold package and platinum package. The turnaround time of this service is based on each state’s ability in processing limited liability company formation processes. 

This turnaround time is applicable to all their packages as it is conditioned to the laws, situations and regulations of the state. However, Bizfilings base their turnaround times on the type of formation packages that you get for your company. If you decide to use Bizfilings, their basic package takes 4-6 weeks for it to process fully. 

Bizfilings uses this technique to help you track the time depending on the type of package that you decide to buy from them. With their services, you know the specific time that the full process would take.

Apart from the basic package, Bizfilings also has the standard and complete package that takes about 7-10 days as its turnaround time. If you want to use expedited processing with Bizfilings, you would have to pay $60 which is also the same amount you pay as the state fee. 

Operating Agreement

Incfile and Bizfilings include an operating agreement in their package. The operating agreement is a contract that includes the stipulation of how the company would operate in terms of membership, management and income distribution. 

woman writing something down on paper

These LLC formation services such as Zen Business LCC understand that operating agreements differ from state to state.

Bizfilings has an operating system as part of their package for free while Incfile does not have an operating system included in their basic package. Bizfilings only includes 6 months of registered agent services in their package, however, they make up for it with a free operating agreement. 

Customer Reviews

Bizfilings only has three customer reviews on Better Business Bureau (BBB) [1]. Although this LLC formation service has been around for many years just like other top-notch online incorporation providers, it seems fishy for them to have such low numbers of reviews from their customers. Incfile, on the other hand, has about 16,000 customer reviews. Bizfilings has a 4.1 rating while Incfile has 4.6 stars out of 5 from its customers.

Incfile and Bizfilings Pricing

In the Incfile vs Bizfilings comparison, one of the most striking differences is in the pricing. Like Inc Authority with zero fee for initial plan, Incfile requires a starting out fee of $0 while Bizfilings starts at $99. Incfile covers your state fees but if you prefer high-quality services, Bizfilings only requires a small fee of $99 to cover you for the first 6 months. 


Incfile offers $119 per year while the other charges $149 per year, however, their packages contain slightly different functions that you need. With Incfile, you get to choose between the basic, gold, and platinum package. Bizfilings also supports the basic one, a starter and complete.

Overall Winner: Bizfilings

Although Incfile has a more reasonable price point in our Bizfilings vs Incfile comparison, we choose Bizfilings. Bizfilings charges you a stipend, however, you are more likely to remember and use the services that you pay for.

Also, your annual reports, state fees, correspondence from the secretary of state, government notifications and even tax forms are effectively handled by a good service provider. In addition to these advantages, they run a service that is concerned with being available for you when you need them and not just on business days. 

You can also check our detailed comparison of Incfile and Swyft Filings here. See which LLC service stand out over the other. 

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