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InCorp Reviews (2024): Trusted LLC and Registered Agent Services

Setting up a limited liability company means tackling several responsibilities. These can be daunting without an LLC and registered agent service company for support. But choosing the best one to support your formation with registered agent service can also be difficult.

In this review, our experts will walk you through InCorp, one of the most popular LLC registered agent service in the market.

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InCorp Features

Experience and Track Record

As a Limited Liability Company or LLC business owner, you’ll want a high quality registered agent service from your LLC formation/service companies. One easy way to be sure that you can attain your desired level of quality is by checking how long the LLC registered agent service company has existed compared to their competitors.

InCorp LLC registered agent was founded in 1998 with an office in Las Vegas. With more than two decades in the LLC business formation and registered agent industry, InCorp has served more than 100,000 customers. 

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It has a ton of online customer feedback and 5 stars customer reviews to show for it.  Our team notes that these are standard statistics for an LLC service company. With their years of experience, InCorp should have no problem resolving your issues. 

InCorp Packages and Pricing

Being one of the most high-rated LLC formation companies, InCorp offers some of the most affordable prices and discounts within the industry compare to their competitors. It’s important to note that the cost of purchase they offer  reduces or have discounts the longer you commit. 

For example, you can get a standard registered agent service order start at $99 for 1 year. However, if you choose to extend your registered agent service years, you’ll get:

  • $89.10 per year for a two-year order
  • $80.52 per year for orders lasting 3 years
  • $73.06 per year for a four-year order
  • $66.56 per year for orders lasting 5 years

Our experts looked through other registered agent services in the industry for comparison to InCorp and we found that these numbers are difficult for other agencies or competitors to beat.

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Besides these, InCorp also offers LLC formation services that you will find competitive. This starts at $117 ($99 + $18 to cover shipping and state fees). With this payment, InCorp will prepare and file your articles of organization [1] and do a business name search to help you choose a suitable name for your company. 

They will let you know how you can save a business name for your own company. In addition, they can also help you upgrade to overnight shipping for an additional state fees of $6.

In sum, even with heavy discounts on pricing, you can still get the great services you desire.

InCorp Registered Agent Service

Most companies specialize in the business of LLC formation in any state. Then, they provide you with the registered agent service you need or want on the side. 


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This is not so for the InCorp business. InCorp is adept at providing good standing InCorp registered agent services, despite their pricing. Our experts find their registered agent services satisfactory according to industry standards.

As your registered agent service, InCorp will receive your documents and state government litigations. They ensure that none of your important mail goes missing, and you can rest assured of its safety. 

Once received, as is the standard, InCorp will inform you of their receipt of the documents. Then, they will send them to you privately and safely.

Turnaround Time

One of the best things about InCorp is that they inform you of your potential response time. 

This is done in an incredibly upfront way. As with any other LLC service company such as ZenBusiness and IncFile, you can expect your start turnaround period to vary by state. However, for this InCorp review, our experts find that the company does its best to inform you of its turnaround times.

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For example, InCorp states that Alabama filing time for mailed documents can start in 3-4 weeks. They go further to tell you that it could even longer, depending on the filing volume per states. This helps you manage your expectations.  You can receive  assistance by phone, email, or live chat on their business hours.  Our team believes using InCorp’s level of clarity would be excellent for your business and peace of mind.

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Other Services of InCorp

InCorp, like many other LLC formation/service companies, is known for its LLC formation services. Alongside that is its registered agent service. However, the company has more registered agent service to. A few of its other services include application and paying the cost of Federal Tax ID (EIN), Foreign Qualification, Business Licensing, and DBA Creation among others.

These services come at different prices. But, InCorp will work effectively to deliver well on them if you choose to patronize them.

Platform Ease of Use

In more ways than one, our experts have found out that InCorp’s platform easy to use. InCorp’s website is laid out fairly well and allows for easy navigation. Our team tested it on different screens. Afterwards, we saw that it adapts properly to different devices, enhancing usability.

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Besides that, our team found that ordering their services has been simple as well. Before you even get to their order form, the company gives you a useful breakdown in the form that will show you what to expect. When you get to the order form, you can expect it to be done in a few minutes. Overall, there aren’t much issues using InCorp services.


InCorp has a unique guarantee form known as the price match guarantee. Now, using InCorp guarantee form  already does well to provide very affordable services for you with a great price match or pricing system. 

You can expect to save quite a bit of cash if you work and use InCorp when you want or need to. However, if you find any company or competitors that offer even lower, you can get them to beat it. 

incorp guarantees

All you need to do is to make the competitor’s quote available to them alongside your request. They promise to beat their competitor’s prices and offer you the value you need if you use InCorp for your business formation or registered agent service.

Privacy Policy

This part of our review will discuss how this company works to protect your privacy. As an LLC formation/service company, InCorp’s management only uses details like your financial information to check your qualification for certain services. 

Apart from that, it files corporate documents with your available business information. It does not arbitrarily share any of your details with third parties or anything of the like. This will be one of the best features if you’re the type who wants their information or status available to any entity in or outside your state.

InCorp Customer Support

This is one of the most impressive services InCorp offers to their clients. The company has a helpful online customer service team like the Active Filings that is available twelve hours a day every weekday in each state. 

Apart from that, they offer their online customer support in English and Spanish in a smooth and convenient process to get information. Whenever you call, you will be able to speak to a great and knowledgeable professional for support, depending on what form of help you need in your business’ state.

Customer Reviews

In about two decades of existence as a business entity in the United States, InCorp  has gathered several great customer feedback and 5 stars review rating from active clients. This is one of the most magnificent features/services InCorp offers. 

incorp testimonials

Many of business service reviews InCorp are on the Better Business Bureau (BBB) website, where it gets an A+ customer feedback out of 132 reviews from 125,000 active clients. These clients and customers are particularly impressed with the good starting price that InCorp has to offer.

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InCorp Alternatives

InCorp has a lot of excellent qualities that’ll leave you satisfied as a customer, as our team mentioned above in this review rating. However, if you’re looking for a viable alternative, Northwest Registered Agent is a good option we recommend. 

Our experts recommend them because you’ll receive excellent customer service and exciting add-ons as a client. However, they charge more state fees than worry-free billing process of InCorp. Besides, they don’t quite have anything to match InCorp’s impressive Price Match Guarantee. 

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InCorp Review Conclusion

Based on the results of this review, our team of experts concludes that InCorp provides excellent value for your money with its registered agent service and discounts. This is all apparent with their price match guarantee feature they offer which enables you to acquire as much value as you want, regardless of competitor fees. Besides that, the registered agent services they offer are also commendable.

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Charles McMillan
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