Recommended Business Formation Services: Review (2024) — Is It a Reliable LLC Service Company?

Starting a business is nerve-wracking, considering the paperwork, licensing, and permits required for your LLC formation. Therefore, relying on web-based services can be a wise move because of their easy accessibility and tracking. In this review, our team of experts will see if this online-based LLC formation service can be a reliable provider for your company.

Looking for the best LLC service? We recommend Zenbusiness—our foremost choice for LLC formation.

Among the top formation service providers, Zenbusiness offers affordable services that ensures a hassle-free and quick LLC formation for any new business. logo


Cons History and Track Record provides a wide range of services appropriate to every state. This service provider helps companies incorporate and form an LLC (limited liability companies) and hybrid entities that combine a corporation’s characteristics with a partnership or sole proprietorship [1]. Their formation services are available in all US states and the District of Columbia. track record

Annual Reports say that in 1899, or more than a century ago, a young attorney named Christopher Ward thought of creating a firm that would make it easier for businesses to form an LLC. Coincidentally, Josiah Marvel, another Delaware attorney named, had the very same idea.   

They formed an alliance and created Corporation Service Company® (CSC®), solely dedicated to the businesses. Within the service provider’s century-old service, the company name changed to The Company Corporation® to To date, they had helped to form an LLC more than 750,000 times and provided services to companies to improve their business compliance along every arduous step. Features

Packages and Pricing

Business ventures aren’t cheap, so every entrepreneur must opt to get their money’s worth. To help you decide whether is right for you, our team listed their different formation packages for this comprehensive review.

If you avail of the Starter Package, you need to pay $99 (State Fees + other fees). In this Starter $99 package, will take care of the Articles of Organization’s preparation and filing, which will officially form your Limited Liability Company (LLC) with the state.  You will also be ensured that your desired LLC business name is available in your state’s official database. Furthermore, you will also receive access to their online portal, where you could safely store and access your LLC formation services documents in their database in this starter package. services offfered

They also offer The Essentials Package, where you get to have everything provided in the Starter Package and LLC Kit and Seal, all for $249 plus state fees. compare to other services will also provide the breakdown of how much a Federal Tax ID Number (EIN) cost, a Social Security Number for your business from the IRN. This ID number will allow you to pay taxes, open bank accounts, hire employees, and more. However, there are no registered agent service provided in this essentials package.

Their most expensive package is The Works, which amounts to $349, including the state fee. This package includes everything from The Essentials Packages (kit and seal) along with the Business License Research Package. Again, there are no registered agent services provided in this package. will identify which permits, licenses, and tax registrations your LLC must acquire to operate in compliance with your state’s requirements. will also draft an Operating Agreement, a document describing your LLC’s ownership structure, where you can set how you want your LLC to be operated.  

Registered Agent Service

Similar to Incfile and LegalZoom, also provides a registered agent (registered agent services). A registered agent is crucial for business formation, a service provider who will process all documents and official mail on your business’ behalf for $235 per year, state fees not included. registered agent services

Although other entrepreneurs disapprove of hiring a Registered Agent Service for $235 per year, thinking it would save them money. However, having a registered agent will save not only your money but also your time and effort. 

As part of availing of this service, access to their CSCNavigator® Online Compliance Tool is also included. This tool is an online compliance dashboard that manages your business requirement needs, used by Fortune 500 companies worldwide.  

EIN/Tax Identification Number

Like Legalzoom,’s registered agent will also provide your business’ federal EIN/Tax Identification Number if you avail of their services. 

You won’t need to worry about hiring employees for your business operations, opening a bank account, or thinking about the preparation and filing or review of any business-related activities if you have already acquired your own EIN from the IRS. 

Operating Agreement

The Operating Agreement is also included in this company’s offer to its many customers. will also draft an agreement for your LLC, a requirement for LLCs to operate in the state. This agreement is essential because it best defines your business’ ownership structure and member duties. registered agent service

With the help of a registered agent such as Rocket Lawyer, you can also review and edit this document to update your LLC operations according to your desire. You can set out the financial and working relations among you, as the business owner and between your company’s members and managers. 

Other Notable Services of

Even though doesn’t provide a free registered agent, its additional services may interest you. 

In our experience, we were able to access their Comprehensive Guides, the best resource that may help you in the process of establishing and maintaining an LLC business. To get started in forming an LLC, you may use and its resources to get an idea.  

You may also get a Business License Research Package. The company also features this inclusion to help you identify permits, licenses, and tax registrations required for an LLC or corporation to function. They will assist you in filling the application forms as are necessary for these permits and licenses. offers to help your business in keeping track of your annual report. The registered agent service will also complete the filing per year, so you won’t have to worry about due dates or miss a deadline for filing an annual report. Non-submission of your annual report may become the reason for the cancellation of your business license. This annual report will also ensure a good standing for your business.  

Turnaround Time

Like most web-based services, doesn’t also commit to a same-day or overnight turnaround time. However, the corporation promises that they always file your information and business documents to expedite the processing time of the LLC formation. They also forward the state approval notice to you within five to ten business days. Also, be reminded that these vary depending on the state you are in.   

turnaround time of

You may also review the bottom part of your order form, as they state essential details of the estimates for both standard and expedited processing. Seeing this transparency level regarding the expected length of time for your business formation service is somewhat reassuring. 

Ease of Use

It may be hard to decide whether you’ll need a web-based service for your LLC formation, but the process of applying online is faster than you think. You can already apply for any good LLC formation services you desire for your business in only about ten minutes, filling out your information included.  

We’ve found that their platform user-friendly and simple. The website featured easy to follow steps on applying for an LLC formation and even offered a comprehensive guideline. There’s even a chat box wherein clients can send their queries if they get confused in following the steps. 

After selecting the formation packages, will send the customer the form they need to fill out. After which, they will file the document straight to the state on your behalf. 


A notable feature of is its Corporate Compliance Guarantee amounting to up to $75,000, which guarantees its services against filing defects negligently caused by them. will secure your business’ legitimacy. If the filing of proper documents like the annual report is found invalid by a court of competent jurisdiction within the United States, they will resolve the issue or pay you up to $75,000. compliance guarantee

However, this Corporate Compliance Guarantee will only be redeemable if made the fault. If the fault were proven to be made by you, they would not be responsible for any consequential damages. This guarantee only covers instances wherein the LLC is declared invalid in its entirety. also features Refunds and Cancellations for their customers. Although the company has not provided enough clarity and information regarding this matter, their terms and conditions concluded that they have a refund policy. The company will refund the full amount if you cancel the services you availed of before submitting the LLC forms to the state. However, in such a case that you cancelled after the submission of documents, the company will review and determine the percentage of the fees you can receive.

Customer Support features customer service chat support to answer their clients’ queries. Although the chat support responds immediately, their incorporation specialist only answers during day time. However, clients may choose to call via phone or email them for urgent matters. Through emails, queries will be attended to within one business day if sent during nighttime by the customer service representative. 

In addition, the response time was fast, and the support agents were knowledgeable and friendly. We tried to reach them via email to test how fast they would respond to our order inquiry, and impressively, we got an answer within 24 hours. The email support agent also answered our queries with detailed explanations. Even their best registered agent service is easy to contact.

Customer Reviews has received good customer reviews, specifically about how fast the LLC application is, how fast the response rate from their agents and how they felt secure about their privacy and LLC information. customer reviews

We also noticed how the clients gave credit to the registered agent service that helped them throughout the LLC formation process. In the reviews, they seem to like the customer service of the company. 

Majority of the reviews state that registered agent service are polite, helpful, professional, and efficient. Overall, the reviews our team found are mostly good. However, there isn’t a substantial amount of reviews available, so these feedback and reviews may not be as reliable. Alternatives

Some might disagree that is the only option that entrepreneurs need to consider, given its solid track record, excellent reviews, and one of the oldest LLC formation services. How does compare to other service providers like LegalZoom and ZenBusiness?

One of the best alternatives for is ZenBusiness. They offer $39 as a starting price point for their formation packages. This package includes a full year of registered agent service, which does not offer.  

One of the best alternatives our experts can recommend is Northwest Registered Agent Service. This service provider features a package with a $225 price point for a full year of registered agent service and outstanding personalized customer support, as well as zero-upsells promise with great customer reviews. 


Is Incorporate com legit?

Yes, is legit. With the service provider’s more than a century of service, the legitimacy of is out of the question. has provided high-quality service to over 750,000 clients from different states. Based on customer reviews and testimonials from legit LLCs, this service provider is a solid choice for clients. 

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Based on our experts’ all-inclusive review, this service provider is noteworthy to try because of its $750 Corporate Compliance guarantee and CSC Navigator, an online dashboard that keeps track and reviews your LLC’s compliance requirements deadlines. also features easy to follow user interface and comprehensive guides for new entrepreneurs. offers fast, reliable, and proficient services for LLC formation. In addition, they offer digital delivery of documents, making the whole formation process easier with to have a shorter processing time. logo

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