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LegalZoom Will Reviews: Is It Worth It? (2024)

Making final life decisions and drafting them into a will is pretty complicated, especially if you don’t know how to draft and process one. It is paramount to protect and distribute your assets legally. 

But do you know you can write a will without hiring an attorney? The review of LegalZoom Will by our experts discuss the best way to write a will in simple steps.

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LegalZoom Will Features

Packages and Pricing

LegalZoom Will is definitely an excellent online platform for drafting legal documents. However, upon exploring and trying their packages for the purposes of this LegalZoom Will review, its pricing structure is relatively over the top compared to other will makers prices.

For example, the basic plan goes for $89 per year, which is more than what most online will makers offer. For a lesser amount, other online will makers include lots of additional documents. Whereas, with LegalZoom, you get no extra document.

However, the comprehensive last will and estate plan bundle, which goes for ($99) and ($179), offers more value than the basic plan. And that is what makes LegalZoom a top online will maker. Upgrading to the comprehensive last will plan has many benefits, including access to a 14-day trial of Legal Advantage Plus. 

Legalzoom Services

The service allows you to have a 30-minute conversation with an attorney[1]. With the comprehensive plan, you get all the documents you need alongside your will.

The estate plan bundle is the same as the comprehensive will plan, except that you get a one-year subscription to the Legal Advantage, unlike the comprehensive will plan. Additionally, you get access to a living will and power of attorney documents. These documents name someone who can take over your financial decisions if the need arises.

The basic plan packages cover guardianship for minor or dependent children, pet guardian, special gifts, assets, charitable gifts, and final wishes. This plan fits the average user. If you want to access other aspects such as medical forms, homeowner documents, power of attorney, it would be best to opt for the comprehensive or estate plan bundle.

LegalZoom Will Turnaround Time

LegalZoom’s turnaround time is impressive. Once you complete the simple interview questions and submit them, LegalZoom will reply with an e-mail within minutes, acknowledging your submission. 


Within the next six hours, LegalZoom will send another email letting you know that your order has been completed. In three business days, you will receive your documents.

Customer Support

Our experts find the customer support unit of LegalZoom the best amongst others that were tested. You can chat or contact them through live chat support. You can also reach out to one of their support agents to help you draft your will.

You can get in touch with one of the attorneys for support, but the option is only available to those on the upgraded plans, as stated in this LegalZoom Will review. If you also want reviews on any of your documents, you need to be on the comprehensive or bundle plan to have access to it.

LegalZoom Will Update

Like other online will makers, LegalZoom allows you to update your will if the need arises. Although most people don’t usually change their wills, unforeseen events like death or divorce can cause a change in some decisions you already made. But you can change that, thanks to LegalZoom’s fairly flexible structure.

Legal and agent support from LegalZoom

The downside of this with LegalZoom is that you get to only update the will for up to a month of creating the first one. It means you can only update the will provided you haven’t exceeded the 30 days.

If you need to make subsequent changes to the will after that period, you will need to start from scratch with a new plan. Our team of experts advises that you choose the right plan for your needs to avoid any inconvenience.

Customer Reviews

Customers speak so highly of LegalZoom’s simplicity in creating a will. However, the design and user interface seems outdated and doesn’t match what other newer online will maker platforms offer. 

Reasons to choose LegalZoom

Although LegalZoom explains their terms more clearly, the newer platforms are more modern, hassle-free, and fast. Their screens aren’t overloaded as what you experience in LegalZoom.

Determining If Your LegalZoom Will is Valid

Since LegalZoom is an online-based service, there are some steps to make your will valid, just like the physical court. It is improper to create a will without going through any of the validation processes.

This validation process depends on the state of residence. However, most states would require:

  • The testator to be 18 years old or older
  • The testator must be in the right mindset
  • Two non-related witnesses excluded in your will
  • Your signature
  • A public legal practitioner to certify your will.

Once you have gone through these processes, the will becomes valid and will be carried out accordingly after your death. Note that you will only need a public legal practitioner or notary if you live in states like Louisiana. You may not need it in other US states.

If you fail to meet any of the requirements, a probate court will administer the last will to distribute the testator’s assets. However, this is only applicable if the testator has a previous will. Should the testator die without a will, the court will distribute the assets to the decedent’s heir(s) according to the state’s law of intestacy.

LegalZoom Will Alternatives

There are other great online will makers alternatives to LegalZoom that you can sign-up for. These platforms are affordable, detailed, and have excellent customer support unit. These alternatives include Nolo’s Quicken WillMaker & Trust, Rocket Lawyer, Trust & Will, and FreeWill. These will-maker platforms have sleek and modern user interfaces and are simple to use, making them the best LegalZoom alternatives.


Are LegalZoom Wills any good?

Yes, LegalZoom wills are good. With LegalZoom, you don’t need to overspend to hire an attorney before you can get your document in order. Plus, you get the support of the best attorneys to tailor your will to perfection.

Does a LegalZoom will hold up in court?

Yes, a LegalZoom will hold up in court. However, it can only be admissible in court according to the laws of a particular state.

LegalZoom Will Review Conclusion

LegalZoom is a well-run platform with impressive features that will help you create a will at a cost-effective price. Although their plans are pretty expensive, you get the best support, as evident in this review.

Our experts love how straightforward it is to draft a will. It takes only a matter of minutes to get your documents in order. More importantly, LegalZoom designs wills to meet the laws and requirements of each US state through their experienced attorneys.

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