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IDShield vs LifeLock: Which is Better? (2024)

With so many identity theft protection companies today, it can be challenging to select the best and most reliable. The most prevalent identity theft monitoring services are IDShield and LifeLock. Both offer a variety of features to help keep you protected from identity thieves.

If you want to know which suits you best, let us present you with a detailed comparison between IDShield vs. LifeLock. 

IDShield or LifeLock?

Best Device Security
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Best for Families
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Features of IDShield and LifeLock

Reputation and Parent Companies

One of the services offered by LegalShield is IDShield, which is a subscription-based identity theft protection allowing customers avoid overcharging legal services. Unlike other services in which you need to pay for an attorney or a licensed private investigator per hour, IDShield allows you to get unlimited consultation time.

Aside from protecting you from identity theft, LegalShield also provides other legal services such as divorce, real estate, and consumer finance. 

However, if you’re looking for a different type of service, you may opt for NortonLifeLock, the parent company of LifeLock. Cybersecurity is the main focus of Norton, along with Device Security, Online Privacy, Identity Theft Protection, and Home & Family Network Protection.

Winner: IDShield

Plans and Services


IDShield offers One-Bureau and Three-Bureau plans for families and individuals. 

idshield plans
IDShield Individual and Family Plans With One-Bureau Monitoring

The service coverage under this plan includes:

IDShield Individual and Family Plans With Three-Bureau Monitoring

The service coverage under this plan include:


LifeLock offers three plans, which are as follows:

lifelock services
LifeLock Standard
Lifelock Advantage
Lifelock Ultimate Plus

LifeLock offers three useful plans for ID theft monitoring service and identity restoration. Though IDShield offers limited benefits, you can add more bureaus to be monitored. But with the various plans that LifeLock offers at affordable rates, our business experts advised that it is a great choice.

Winner: LifeLock

Credit Monitoring Services Comparison


Family Plan✔✔
Credit Monitoring✔✔
Monthly Credit ScoreOne Bureau creditUp to three-bureau credit monitoring
Daily Credit ReportXX

In terms of credit reporting and monitoring, IDShield can cover more bureau credits. However, LifeLock is more affordable than IDShield, considering the essential features it covers. Given the close credit monitoring features, our experts choose LifeLock in this regard.

Winner: LifeLock

Identity Theft Protection Services


Family PlanX✔
Identity Theft InsuranceUp to $1 million Up to $1 million 
Stolen Funds/Lost Wallet Assistance✔✔
SSN Monitoring✔✔
Bank and Credit Alerts✔✔
Medical Record ProtectionX✔

In identity protection, IDShield offers the best service, making the cost reasonable. It covers all essential features for identity monitoring and protection. Though LifeLock has a lower pricing range, it doesn’t offer a family plan and medical data protection.

Winner: IDShield

Additional Features

IDShield: Password Manager

You can have a password manager to keep track of all of your passwords and keep them secure [1]. It also helps keep track of all of your login details to avoid forgetting anything.

idshield protection

LifeLock: Norton Security Antivirus

This is a great addition to the LifeLock Ultimate Plus package. It includes a variety of features designed to keep your devices running smoothly and protected.

Both companies offer additional features which are helpful for personal information monitoring and protection.

Customer Service


What customers like about this company is its 24/7 support. Also, IDShield’s licensed private investigators can help with everything from identity restoration to tips. Unfortunately, you can’t easily cancel IDShield through email or phone. 


Like IDShield, 24/7 customer service is offered by LifeLock, which also has a mobile app. However, some customers are unhappy with the service. Also, most customers say that canceling a plan is complex, and the customer service is poor. 

Though both companies have issues, we found more customers happy with IDShield. Even our industry experts prefer the customer service of IDShield. 

lifelock customer support

Winner: IDShield


Is LifeLock owned by a Chinese company?

LifeLock is not owned by a Chinese company. Blackstone, an American investment management company, owns LifeLock. 

How do I turn off IDShield?

You can turn off your IDShield by sending a written notice to the company. Or, you can call their customer service at 800-654-7757.

Overall Winner: IDShield

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Between LifeLock vs. IDShield, our business experts hail the latter as the overall winner. We recommend IDShield to families as it offers flexible plan options and services from a licensed private investigator. It is the best identity theft protection that can cover you, your spouse, and up to eight children.  

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