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LegalZoom Registered Agent Review — Know More About Their Offers (2024)

Business formation is a complex process, but what makes it more crucial is finding a reliable statutory representative to manage legal documents and demands from the state government. 

After our team examined various companies, we decided to curate this review on LegalZoom’s registered agent services to help you determine if they will suit your needs.

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History and Track Record

It is no secret that LegalZoom has been the go-to registered agent service trusted by many businesses. Having helped over 4 million users, 2 million companies, and 1.5 RA customers since 1999 — our team could not help but be impressed at the company’s outstanding track record.

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With the goal to make legal work accessible to all American customers, this company is composed of knowledgeable and experienced people able to help your company with issues concerning business law.  

LegalZoom Registered Agent Service Features

Offers and Pricing

Two of the first features our team scanned through before subscribing to LegalZoom’s registered agent services first-hand are their offered products and corresponding pricing range.  If you’re forming an LLC or any business entity, any of their economy package, express gold, and standard packages can aid you. However, their registered agent services come at a separate price from the LLC formation offerings.

Although some may argue that other registered agent services are more affordable (and free), LegalZoom caters beyond what is expected from them. Besides a truly accessible and navigational platform where you can manage your files and basic document forwarding, users can expect up-to-date notifications, especially with crucial court demands.

Compliance Notifications

As regular alerts are one of the essentials when hiring a registered agent service, our team decided to evaluate how well LegalZoom provides this feature to its customers. Upon receiving critical mails and legal documents on behalf of your corporation, their service includes automatic emails that inform your company about these compliance events.

Steps to avail LegalZoom registered agent service

Should LegalZoom collect an important business demand from the state government, they’ll give you a customary call right away.

Customer Support

Ensuring adequate and reliable customer support is among the few things you should consider when availing products from online business services like LegalZoom. 

True to their promise and reviews that they’re backed with professional attorneys knowledgeable in the business field, they offer immediate and straightforward solutions to every issue raised. 

Understanding that their customers may want other options to reach them [1], LegalZoom ensures that you can contact them through phone and email support lines every day during business hours.

Additional Features

On top of the reliable statutory service that LegalZoom provides, we’re equally pleased with their regularly updated compliance calendar. Through this feature, you’ll never have to worry about missing notices and demands, especially the ones from the office of the secretary of state.

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And did we tell you that your business will be covered with identity theft protection amounting to $1M? If that isn’t enough to give them a positive review, LegalZoom also allows credit monitoring through Experian. 

In addition to that, their unlimited cloud storage allows you to safely keep your documents on the platform and retrieve it at your convenience.

Guarantee: LegalZoom Registered Agent

LegalZoom has two types of guarantees that made them remain as one of the major players in the industry. First, if you’re not satisfied with their services, you’re free to ask for a full refund within sixty days from purchase. You won’t be asked for reviews. No questions asked upon request. 

The second one that they guarantee is the Worry-Free compliance filings. These distinct offerings garnered positive LegalZoom registered agent reviews through their incomparable service packages that vary in pricing.

Assessment and Value for Money

Now, is it worth the money you’ll invest? The short answer’s yes. Although LegalZoom’s service has a review of being more costly, it’s undeniable that they go beyond simple forwarding of documents like what registered agents usually do. 

With a compliance calendar, prompt emails and calls, and $1M in identity theft protection — this service definitely deserves commendation and positive reviews.

Legalzoom Registered Agent Services

Customer Reviews

With over 4 million satisfied clients and a promising business model, it’s no surprise that positive reviews poured all over the internet. Despite the moderately high pricing range, customer reviews commend the quality of service they provide, especially in terms of customer support. 

The customer feedback on the BBB review website also shows that LegalZoom has an A+ rating with an average of 1,748 Customer Reviews in total.

(For other statutory representative providing excellent service, you can also consider the services of IncFile Registered Agent, as well)

Alternatives for LegalZoom Registered Agent Service

There are a vast number of options business owners can consider when looking for an alternative registered agent service. Despite that, our team advises you to choose providers  with extensive industry experience in terms of handling businesses

zenbusiness customer support

Aside from LegalZoom that’s been around for a long time now, Zen Business and Rocket Lawyer are the stars in the industry and equally abundant in positive customer feedback and reviews. If you’re one of the people looking for free registered agent services, then you can try signing up for Incfile.

(If interested with these services, you can check our page about IncFile and ZenBusiness here)


Is LegalZoom a good registered agent?

Yes, LegalZoom is a good registered agent. In fact, this company is a popular online business formation service that has served over 4 million users, 2 million companies, and 1.5 million registered agent customers since its foundation in 1999.

What does LegalZoom registered agent do?

LegalZoom registered agents manage all legal correspondences you’ll receive from the state. These crucial documents will be forwarded to your office address and through electronic mail in a timely manner. Through this service, you won’t need to worry about missing notices and demands that may incur penalties in the long run.

LegalZoom Registered Agent Review Conclusion

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Despite that common argument of price comparison, this review intends to highlight the overall value this service provider can add to your company ventures. 

Back with attorneys and legal professionals, these offerings truly reflect their genuine intention and understanding to provide for their customers.

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