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LLC Formation Costs and Annual Fees In Oklahoma — Your Detailed Guide

With a wide range of industries and a friendly business climate, Oklahoma is like a haven for start-ups. However, no matter how many perks a state may offer, keeping track of expenses is a tough nut to crack. But, worry not! In this post, our business specialists will comb through all Oklahoma LLC fees so that you can ease your worries and maintain good standing.  

Formation Costs for an Oklahoma LLC

Business Name Reservation

One of the first steps of business planning is coming up with a unique trade name. As you may already know, state law requires any entity to have a distinct label not similar to existing businesses operating in the state.  

Although you can file your articles of organization to secure desired LLC name, there are rare instances when you can’t do it right away due to prior engagements. If that’s the case, you can file for an Application for Name Reservation and pay $10 to gain exclusive rights to the name for 60 days. 

Articles of Organization

Filing your articles of organization is one of the most expensive Oklahoma LLC fees any business entities have to pay when forming their company. This submission must include basic business information and come with a $100 fee payable to the Secretary of State.

article of organization

You can view the SOS website, get the downloadable forms [1], and mail it to their mailing address, but you can also accomplish it online with the same fees.

Operating Agreement

It’s not mandatory, but crafting an LLC operating agreement is a business practice that our trade experts highly recommend. This internal document outlines regulations regarding management procedures and ownership rights that’ll be helpful when faced with internal conflicts. 

Although you can create operating agreements yourself for free, seeking professional assistance is highly advisable to avoid lapses and maximize its leverage. 

EIN Registration

While running a business, you’ll encounter transactions like opening bank accounts, filing tax reports, and hiring employees. All these procedures will require you to provide an Employer Identification Number (EIN).


To get your business social security number, you may request it online or in-person through the IRS free of charge.

Registered Agent

In the state of Oklahoma, you’ll have to qualify before you can elect yourself as your own registered agent. As enticing as it sounds, this role solely responsible for your company’s compliance can be very demanding and lead to hefty penalties when not handled professionally. 

Hiring an outstanding registered agent assures you that you’ll never have to worry about missed notices and demands. These providers offer utmost efficiency, costing only $0 to $300 per month or year. 

Business License/s

Your requirements don’t end with filing your articles of organization. In fact, you’re not legally allowed to operate until you accomplish business-specific licenses, depending on the nature of your company transactions. These requirements could range differently aligning on fees required by the federal, state, county, and local governments.

Foreign LLC Registration

Like domestic LLCs, you’re obliged to file formation documents to the state even if you’re already incorporated in another state. Instead of submitting your articles of organization, you must accomplish an Application for Registration and pay $300 to register as a foreign LLC.

meeting agent

LLC Formation Services (Optional)

Let’s face it, not everyone is confident and familiar with the LLC formation process. While we commend some owners handling the legwork personally, seeking help from professional LLC formation companies isn’t a bad idea. These providers will handle all your registration and legal documents with service fees ranging from $0 to $300.

Oklahoma Annual LLC State Fees

Annual Certificate

Formation fees aren’t the only expenses you’ll need to track. As an LLC, you now have an obligation to complete regular filings to keep your business in good standing. One of these submissions is filing for an annual certificate. 

This procedure allows you to update company records every year and enables the government to keep track of your paid taxes. You can file these reports online or via mail along with a $25 fee. 

(Looking for reliable services online? Then, here is our list of top online incorporation services for you) 

Overall Costs

The overall estimated cost of forming and maintaining an LLC in Oklahoma ranges around $125, inclusive of formation filings and annual report submissions. However, expect additional expenses with business-specific charges like taxes and required licenses. This estimation also excludes professional services.


How much does an LLC cost in Oklahoma?

An LLC in Oklahoma costs more or less $125, with the inclusions of filing your articles of organization to the secretary of state and accomplishing annual certificate state fees. On top of those expenses, you may incur additional dues on taxes and licenses, depending on your business transactions.


Now that you’re well-informed with all the Oklahoma LLC fees you need to cover when forming an entity, rest assured that the following steps will go smoothly as long as you follow the tips of our trade experts. Should you find yourself overwhelmed, never hesitate to seek professional services. After all, running a business is a long-term investment.

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