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LLC Formation Costs and Annual Fees In Oregon — Your Detailed Guide

It’s not a secret how Oregon is among the best states with quick and simple compliance regulations out there. However, despite the enticing perks, you must admit that business formation entails expenses that are difficult to track alone. In this post, let our trade enthusiasts lend you a hand in determining all Oregon LLC fees you need to cover to operate legally. 

Formation Costs for an Oregon LLC

Business Name Reservation

It’s a no-brainer to come up with a unique name when planning to build a business. However, if you already have an idea in mind, you have to check first if no other existing LLCs use similar names as yours. Although it’s not mandatory, paying $50 for a business name reservation allows you to secure and hold onto the label for 120 days. 

However, if you’re already filing formation documents, we suggest proceeding to submit your LLC’s articles of organization instead of reserving the name. Going through this procedure is only applicable if you’re caught up with prior commitments and not yet ready to face all the leg work. 

Articles of Organization

The initial and most crucial filing you must make when forming an LLC is submitting your articles of organization to the secretary of state. Through this document, the government will be able to record all the details about your company and recognize you as an operational entity.

article of organization

You have the option to file it through mail or online. Regardless of the procedure, this submission costs $100.

Operating Agreement

Similar to most states, Oregon doesn’t oblige LLCs under its jurisdiction to create operating agreements upon formation. Nevertheless, our business experts and every trade professionals out there could testify to the importance of this internal document.

Curating operating agreements gives you an outline of provisions helpful when making decisions regarding ownership and operating procedures. Despite its significance, you can craft one on your own with no charges. However, there could be lapses if you’re not familiar with legalities, so our best advice is to seek professional services.

EIN Registration

One of the key requirements you should get to become a legal business in Oregon is acquiring an Employer Identification Number (EIN) [1]. This nine-digit number will be asked from you constantly when you open a bank account or hire employees. You can request it online or in person for free.

Business License

Your formation journey doesn’t end after you file your articles of organization. Although not all LLCs are obliged to get business-specific licenses, companies offering professional services like real estate have licensing requirements that need to be acquired before operation rights can be granted. 

submitting statement

To avoid lapses and delays, we advise consulting your state, local, and federal database to check which permits and licenses apply to your kind of business. 

Registered Agent

Another state requirement you must include in your articles of organization is electing a highly reliable registered agent. As the receiver of all your legal notices and demands, this role must be available during business hours with an actual office address. 

While you can act as your own registered agent, hiring a professional company to handle these obligations ensures full compliance. Their typical service costs around $0 – $300.

Foreign LLC Registration

Suppose your LLC is already formed in another state, and you’re expanding in Oregon. In that case, you need to file a form called “Applications for Authority” to the secretary of state to qualify as a foreign entity officially. A $275 fee also accompanies this submission. 

meeting agent

LLC Formation Services (Optional)

There are times when registration procedures are better handled by experienced LLC formation professionals, especially if you’re not familiar with them and don’t have enough time to do the legwork. These services are offered for $0-$300, depending on the features you decide to sign up for. Of course, this is an additional cost aside from your normal LLC formation expenses and annual fees

Oregon LLC State Annual Fees

Annual Report

Every year, you’re required to submit an annual report to the Secretary of State on your LLC’s anniversary date. This procedure allows the government to update your company information on public records. Each filing will cost you a $100 recurring fee, regardless if it’s sent via mail or online.

Importance of Paying Annual LLC Fees

Keeping track of all Oregon LLC fees may be overwhelming but consistently fulfilling these state obligations will allow you to maintain good standing and keep your operation rights within the state. On top of that, you’ll also avoid hefty penalties in the long run. As a result, you’re saving both money and time.

(To assist you during this long process, you can also consider the service of the best online incorporation services we reviewed here)


How are LLCs taxed in Oregon?

LLCs in Oregon are taxed as pass-through entities. This taxation classification gives business entities the perks of not filing corporate tax returns. Instead, all LLC losses and profits will be reported on each member’s personal tax returns. The state also doesn’t impose franchise tax, but you’ll need to check for business-specific taxes. 


While it’s enticing to work your way around all Oregon LLC fees, there are mandatory expenses that are inevitable for you to pay. Rather than thinking of ways to avoid these costs, our team’s advice is to seek services to help you maintain your good standing within the state in the long run. After all, operating a business is a continuous journey.

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