Having a Limited Liability Company takes a lot of responsibility and effort. To ease some of your burden in running a business, you need an LLC service company to lend you a hand on technical matters. Our experts will determine in this MyCorporation review if this top-rated LLC service can be a reliable help for your business and if they are worth your investment.

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MyCorporation History and Experience

MyCorporation is one of the top LLC services companies like Harvard Business Services within the United States of America. They assist people to create their LLCs by providing online document filing services for each state. MyCorporation offers to help their clients get other legal and necessary documents required to for  incorporation or an LLC.

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MyCorporation started as an LLC service company with filing services more than 20 years ago in 1998. Our team finds that very few companies within this niche and industry can match this sheer level of experience. During their time in existence, MyCorporation has helped upwards of a million businesses with their incorporation/LLC services. Their work has spanned all fifty states across the United States of America.

MyCorporation Features

As one of the most recognized LLC formation companiesMyCorporation’s services have a wide range of features that set them apart within the market. Our experts have conducted a careful review of the features MyCorporation offers to better understand their viability and usefulness for your LLC business formation. In this MyCorporation review, we’ll be taking a critical look at MyCorporation’s features one after the other, including their customer service.

LLC Packages and Pricing

A unique feature about the packages of MyCorporation is that the additional features on higher incorporation/business formation packages can be purchased separately as add-ons for the lower ones. You can also use rush filing on any of the business formation packages. MyCorporation will offer this rush filing for about $100 more, including a state fee. However, there is no specific time guarantee. Presently, MyCorporation can offer up to four essential packages with different price tags and feature ranges.

MyCorporation’s price for the Basic corporation/ LLC package is $99 per year with state filing fee. It has two main features; the first is the business name availability search during your LLC formation. It helps to determine if your preferred business name or company name has been chosen already. You can use the second service of this package to prepare and file LLC articles of organization.

MyCorporation’s Standard LLC package is an offer that costs $124 per year with a state filing fee. The Standard package will include everything from the Basic corporation/LLC package. You’ll also acquire a free year of managed annual report service. The free annual report service under this Standard package means that they will track your report for one year. Then, they will ensure that they prepare and file your report before its due date. After the first year, the free annual report service offer will auto-renew at a cost. This will happen unless the business owner cancels the annual report service renewal, sometimes through an email notification.



MyCorporation’s price for this Deluxe corporation/LLC package is $224. The Deluxe package includes everything you’ll find in the Standard package during your LLC formation. Also, you’ll get one free full year of registered agent service. During this year, the company will perform all the necessary functions of a registered agent service. After the first year, if you like it, you’ll need to renew the registered agent service at $120.

As for the MyCorporation’s most expensive offering, the Premium LLC package costs $324. Without excluding everything from the Deluxe package, you’ll get one year of MaintainMyBiz service. This feature is only available with MyCorporation and it allows you to acquire other services like dissolution.

As a business owner, the chances are that you might want to dissolve your business at any point in time. It could be for any number of reasons too[1]. Regardless, it is best to go through the official dissolution process. If you don’t, you might still be subject to annual fees that’ll do you more harm than good. So, if you must dissolve, MyCorporation can help you get the process started and see it to its end.

Essentially, the higher you go, the better these packages become. Designed for affordability, the packages would help you to automate several processes like mail receipt. That way, you can focus on the most important part of running your business.

Registered Agent Service

If you would like to get the best registered agent service during your business/LLC formation, MyCorporation will collect your important document deliveries on your behalf as well as scan and forward them to you whenever necessary.

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This will assist you in keeping your personal information away from the public. Apart from that, it will reduce your junk mail while lessening the risk of losing essential mails for your LLC. You can get this feature with the Deluxe and Premium packages or as an add-on. Keep in mind that getting it with either package will give you a free first year of features. Regardless of how you choose to get it, the registered agent service will keep you private and ensure your personal information and LLC mail and gets attended properly.

EIN/Tax Identification Number

Your EIN is a nine-digit number you’ll get from the IRS to identify your employer tax accounts. The same with incorporation services including Incfile and LegalZoomMyCorporation also assists you to get your federal Tax Identification Number or Employer Identification Number with ease. MyCorporation provides this feature for $79. As soon as you enlist this MyCorporation’s service, they begins filing for your tax ID. It’s one less task off your table.


Operating Agreement

An operating agreement defines exactly how your incorporation or LLC will run. It gives details about the business and the responsibilities of each member. As soon as every member signs it, it becomes an official contract. MyCorporation offers this feature for $99. With this service, you will not necessarily need to go through several hours of drafting and editing to get your copy.

MyCorporation Turnaround Time

Our experts have found that MyCorporation turnaround time differs from one state to another. There are the best states to form an LLC that might only have to wait a few days. If you want to get their services faster, you can pay an extra $100, including the state fee. This will enable you to place your order in priority processing. However, our experts note that the company could be a little more specific with the time it’ll require to complete the order.

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They could definitely be clearer with regards to their turnaround time. However, customers often praise MyCorporation for their processing speed. It enables you to get what you want fast.

Other Notable Services of MyCorporation

The company works well in providing the services listed above. Apart from those mentioned they still has several services that will prove useful to you.

They include business license compliance package, LLC membership kit and seal, online document storage, state income tax withholding, tax deadline notices, state unemployment insurance, and LLC seal. However, keep in mind that these extra features cost a bit more money. They can all be bought as add-ons to your plans for the best experience.

MyCorporation: Ease of Use

When you want to employ a service to assist you with your LLC, the entire point is to simplify the process. You already have a lot on your table, and your LLC service company should simply make things easier. Unfortunately, some online services will make you feel like you’re doing everything on your own.

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However, with MyCorporation, the process is pretty convenient and easy to wrap your head around. While testing the service, our experts found the application easy to complete. All things being equal, you can get to the last page from the first in ten minutes or less.

Apart from that, you can get your add-on options before you even start filling out your application form. Granted, you might have to get through a few upsells before completing your form, which might not be the best for speed. But, they generally don’t worsen your experience or make it harder to complete the form. Generally, our team found the service quite easy to use, regardless of your state.

MyCorporation Guarantee

MyCorporation has a guarantee for its customers similar to other LLC formation services such as LegalZoom and Bizfilings. This guarantee ensures that business owners can get resolutions to any satisfaction issue they might have.

If you find yourself unsatisfied with their services, you can ask for a refund within the first 60 days of your purchase. However, you should keep in mind that you would not get a refund on the following funds: state filing fees, corporate kits, publication fees, and shipping and handling fees.

Customer Support

Our expert team finds the MyCorporation customer support team excellent for resolving various issues. It is at par with other recognized formation services including Northwest and LegalZoom. You can reach them by phone or through an email form. Apart from that, you can also get a live chat.

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If you’re not particularly interested in getting an email, their phone support is available on business days. You only need to place a call between 7:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.

However, regardless of which communication option you choose, you can still get quality customer support at any time. This is because the company uses only trained professionals to attend to their customers’ needs. With these trained professionals alongside the ease of access, you shouldn’t have any challenges getting your troubles attended to during the LLC formation process.

Customer Reviews

One of the best things about MyCorporation is the sheer number of positive MyCorporation reviews/customer feedback online unlike the very limited online reviews of Direct Incorporation. On Google, they has the best rating with a 5-star rating based on upwards of 140 reviews. Apart from Google, MyCorporation has a 4-star rating on TrustPilot based on upwards of 190 great reviews.

Upon a search through the customer feedback, our experts saw that customers found the them very helpful. Specifically, people praised their personal service and great customer care representatives online that form guiding lines for you every step of the way.

MyCorporation Alternatives

Within the industry, few good companies have raked up as much experience, stars, and online customer reviews as MyCorporation. LegalZoom is a good one that comes pretty close in that regard. It is known for its laudable services and customer care like the support provided by top-rated online incorporation services. However, it might not be the best option because its registered agent services are significantly more expensive.


Is MyCorporation legit?

Yes, MyCorporation is legit. They has a good twenty years of experience within the industry. Apart from that, it is certified real by hundreds of incorporation and customer reviews across the internet.

MyCorporation Review Conclusion

After completing thorough research and test for this MyCorporation review, our experts have found the LLC service great in several aspects. MyCorporation provides a guarantee of a refund of your fees if you are unsatisfied with your services. Besides this, MyCorporation provides  affordable packages, services, and add-ons. Our team advises using these features to your advantage. You could also keep an eye out for any promotions the company runs if you want to further cut the cost of fees paid.

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