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Northwest Registered Agent Reviews (2024) — Among the Best LLC and Registered Agent Services

The procedures for starting a limited liability company in any state can be tedious and exhausting. If you handle this alone, it’s easy to miss out on important plans and deadlines in your business schedule.

For this reason, many people opt for reputable LLC formation companies like  Northwest Registered Agent service. In this review, our team of experts will assess if they are worthy of your time and money.



History and Experience

Northwest has been running its registered agent service for over two decades now. It has been considered as one of top Delaware registered agents today. 

Like other online legal service companies, they offer LLC  services and other extras that businesses need to establish their business. Over the past 20+ years that Northwest has been operating, they’ve been consistent with their goal of satisfying customers, being one of the more established businesses in the industry.

To learn more about the company’s reliability in their offers, here is our detailed Northwest Registered Agent review:

Northwest Registered Agent Features

LLC Packages and Pricing

Northwest Registered Agent service tries to be straightforward by offering only one package for its LLC formation service. There’s also only one package services Northwest offers for its business incorporation service. 

Within the LLC formation package, you’ll get one year of service, form, and templates for the necessary papers, fast LLC filing is $225 plus an extra state fee, complete privacy for your personal information, and access to local Company Guides, which will be elaborated later on.

northwest services

The process for starting a new business corporation is almost the same as when you needed to start a new business as an LLC. The services offer provided by the agent don’t change; only the required papers are different.

Furthermore, the pricing for filing papers for either a Northwest LL Representative or corporation is the same at $225, not including state fees. This price also includes a resident agent’s price for a year, but the real filing fee costs $100. But after a year, getting a resident representative will cost the same as availing a new one from Northwest, which is $125 per year. 

Registered Agent Service

In simple terms, an authorized representative is a person or organization that serves as an address where all legal mail and correspondence is sent. Their main job is to receive  important service of process notices and correspondence for the LLC. You need a registered agent like Bizfilings to form or start an LLC or a corporation since it is required by law in every state.

northwest core services

Before we proceed with our Northwest Registered Agent review, our team wants to note that aregistered agent” might not be the name known for individuals or companies that perform this service in your state. It’s also known as “resident agent” in some states. With this in mind, Northwest Registered Agents LLC adjusts to the better-known term in your state. 

Companies like Northwest, Incfile, or LegalZoom can be your resident agents, and you can use their address as the recipient of your correspondence for a fee. Some companies offer to perform LLC services but do not allow their customers to use their principal address for their correspondence. Fortunately,  Registered Agent Services Northwest does offer this feature. The registered agent service Northwest offers costs $125 per year.

EIN/Tax Identification Number

The Federal Employee Identification Number (FEIN or better known as EIN) is an identification tag for your business. It works like your social security number for your business and is essential for tax filings. The IRS uses your EIN to identify your business on federal filings.

If you’re starting to form an LLC, you’ll need to get an Employee Identification Number right after filing your Articles of Organization and submitting your LLC operating agreement. You’ll need to submit your Articles of Incorporation before starting your EIN application on the IRS website for new corporations. 

ein application steps on northwest

You can get an EIN (Employee Identification Number) and the operating agreement is done by yourself, but it will take a bit of time. A reliable registered agent that can handle all the paperwork and get your Employee Identification Number done within a day for an extra $50 is often preferable. So, that makes $275 plus state fees for the full company formation package.

Northwest Registered Agent Turnaround Time

In terms of speed, our experts were impressed with Northwest Registered Agent LLC because it is one of the best LLC formation services available in this regard. Northwest typically files business formation papers within a day or two in most states. They handle your paperwork quickly, and if delays do happen, they’re mostly based on differences in state filing. 

But for the most part, after determining your business name or LLC name and papers have been submitted properly, approval with the Registered Agent takes 2-7 days.

Additional Services of Northwest Registered Agent

Although Northwest Registered Agent LLC offers a fairly complete package to start a new business, an LLC or corporation, your new LLC or business might need more. Here are the best LLC formation services that Registered Agent offers as extras. 

Northwest Registered Agent LLC offers free legal forms for download. You can get LLC forms, corporation forms, and non-profit forms. You can even get all sorts of templates for meeting minute templates, resolution templates, and more for zero dollars. 

northwest additional services

Other extras not included in Northwest Registered Agent’s packages include the EIN mentioned above, which costs $50. There’s also the S-Corp election for $50, providing a business phone number with the area code of shout choice for $9 a month. Note that the filing fee does not include state fees and compliance filing for $100. 

You also get the benefit of their incredibly thorough process. Each paper filed is scanned and can be sent to your online account whenever you need it. This means that you can have access to your documents whenever you might need them.

They also offer Annual report filing means, that Northwest Registered Agent offers to file the reporting documents required for you to maintain your good standing with the state and stay active which is available for $100.00 per year with added state fee. Annual Report reminders will be sent if there are dues you are about to pay. It’s a feature that’s bought when you pay for the Compliance Service. 

And as your resident representative, Northwest has a mail forwarding service that sends all mail received on your behalf to a unique business address of your choosing or their physical address.

Northwest Registered Agent: Ease of Use

For our team members’ Northwest Registered Agent reviews and experience, we found it extremely easy to use their website. Setting up your business through their packages is also straightforward. All you have to do is send in the paperwork and business information needed, and the registered agent will file it within the shortest possible time.

northwest web interface

Communicating with their virtual office is also simple and allows you to get the documents and business information you need for your use. This is another major selling point of Northwest Registered Agent. 

Privacy Policy

Here’s another one of Registered Agents’ selling points, and one that many of its competitors can’t beat. Northwest Registered Agent doesn’t sell your information to third-party users. 3Since you’re setting up a company, you’ll have to give up a lot of personal information. If you use a company that renders legal services like Incfile LLC formation company, this information will have to go through their hands before being filed with the necessary government organization. Some companies take advantage of this to copy and sell your information to third parties, thereby invading your privacy. 

Small businesses and individuals are increasingly at risk for third-party data breaches[1]. However, Northwest Registered Agent has declared that they will never sell their client’s data to third parties. They also run their own servers and write their code, eliminating any possibility of a middle-man data attack. 

And because Northwest Registered Agent allows you to put their business address instead of yours on some documents for public record, you get to avoid lots of spam mail and disturbances. Northwest will forward you the important stuff when it comes.

Customer Support

The most well-known feature of Northwest Registered Agent offer is its customer support. Like with highly-capable customer support agents, Northwest Registered Agent also has excellent customer support. Registered Agent doesn’t have a specific group of people labeled as a customer support team. They have designated Company Guide which are people behind the company’s phone number. 

northwest customer support

Corporate Guides do what customer support does, but unlike the standard customer support staff, they have a full understanding of their job and they can thoroughly answer your questions. A worker at Northwest can be a Corporate Guide who can fulfill their duties as customer support while accomplishing other work assigned to them. 

In sum, they offer responsive customer service from people who can directly help you out and you will seldom be redirected.

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Northwest Registered Agent Customer Reviews

Many reviews online indicate pleasant experiences with the company’s services. With a 4.6-star rating on Google, most of the online customer reviews Northwest are very positive. Most customers who use Northwest Registered Agent online assessment commend its outstanding customer service and swift processing.

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Is Northwest Registered Agent legit?

Yes, Northwest Registered Agent is one legit company. They provide services that can be used to form an LLC or new business, according to our experience and customer reviews. Moreover, they are backed with more than 20 years of experience and thousands of clients served. 

Northwest Registered Agent Review Conclusion

Apart from having a relatively high price point, forming an LLC with Northwest is a great option for business owners. the high-quality service Northwest offers that’s above its competitors is its elite customer support. If you choose Northwest Registered Agent’s service to complete your LLC filing, the extra cost will be worth the premium service.

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