Recommended Business Formation Services: Review – Launch Community + Business is an online platform primarily designed for creating, managing, and selling online courses, while also offering features for community building. It’s a comprehensive tool for educators and students to interact, learn, and collaborate in a single space. Founded by Sam Ovens, who is also known for founding, presents a straightforward pricing model of $99 per month, which includes the management of one group with unlimited members and courses.

Key features of Skool include course creation and management, direct messaging, a community forum, user profiles, and a gamification system with elements like a leaderboard, points, and levels as rewards for active members. The platform also has a calendar feature for scheduling and managing events, although it doesn’t offer built-in live streaming. Users have to integrate with third-party services for live sessions.

Skool is accessible via web browsers on both desktop and mobile devices, and in 2023, they released a mobile app available on iOS and Android. This app is central, meaning users have to find specific communities within the Skool app. The platform supports group discussions, video and text-based lessons, and direct messaging through the app.

The platform is especially beneficial for course creators, coaches, consultants, YouTubers, and bloggers who wish to monetize their audience with an online subscription community. It offers a 14-day free trial for new users to explore its features. However, it does not directly integrate with popular external software like Zoom or Calendly and lacks collaborative learning tools and a dedicated mobile app.

Skool’s support system includes email assistance, a searchable help documentation, and a variety of educational resources like online courses, subscription memberships, group funnels, coaching programs, masterminds, and support forums.

In summary, offers a robust online learning experience with comprehensive features like unlimited courses, a strong community and gamification tools, all contributing to its appeal. It’s an ideal platform for those serious about delivering quality content and building an online community, with a simple pricing plan that offers unlimited access to all its features.

Charles McMillan
Charles McMillan
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