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Discovering Skool: How Can You Use It To Build Your Business?

Industries and businesses in this day and age evolve at lightning speeds, especially with the help of automation, artificial intelligence, and tech innovations. This fast pace challenges existing and aspiring entrepreneurs to continuously learn skills and acquire knowledge to grow their businesses and keep them afloat.

This need for continuous learning is evident in the success of platforms like Skool, a community-focused educational hub where you can find courses on skill development and self-improvement. While we can explore the value of Skool from different angles, we will focus on its features and how it can be used to build and grow a business.

So, let’s dive in!

Skool: What Is It Exactly?

Skool is a community-building platform for creators, coaches, and businesses. It has a rich array of functionalities, including a variety of courses, community-building resources, live events, and even some gamification features.

Unlike mainstream platforms like Coursera, SkillShare, and Udemy, Skool isn’t just about buying courses and passively consuming content. Instead, it prioritizes community engagement. If you have bought online courses before, you may be familiar with how creators primarily post content and offer advice in a one-way manner. 

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In Skool, rather than being simply lectured to, learners have the opportunity to engage in meaningful discussions and exchange ideas. So rather than simply watching videos and completing worksheets in isolation, you’re able to converse with other members, which fosters a sense of camaraderie, too.

Essentially, the Skool platform empowers learners not just to gain knowledge but to cultivate a supportive network as well. And let’s be honest, it’s more fun to learn and gain progress in your personal or professional development efforts when you have a community of people backing you up and walking through it with you. 

Important Features You Will Find In Skool

Let’s explore some of the standout features you’ll encounter on the platform:

1. Classroom

As you can probably already guess, the Classroom is where the courses are. Each community has its own Classroom, and it’s where you can find the courses or modules that that specific community offers.

For example, if you join a community from a creator who’s a digital marketing expert, the Skool Classroom may include courses on social media marketing, SEO, PPC advertising, and the like.

2. Community

This is where group discussions happen. Members can interact with each other with posts, photos, GIFs, videos, and polls. They can share their own insights, ask questions, seek feedback on their work, and maybe even collaborate on projects.

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While there are communities on Skool that you can join for free, there are also paid communities that offer premium content and exclusive features, which might be ideal for those looking for a more personalized learning experience.

3. Interactive Live Events

Hosts can schedule live events in the Calendar, which will then notify members of what’s happening. These events can feature industry experts or guest speakers who will speak on a certain topic. Live events can also have panel discussions or Q&A sessions so that members can get the most value.

4. Gamification

There are times when you don’t want to learn at all, and you’re not in the mood to share your expertise with strangers on the internet. Well, this feature helps with that.

Skool’s gamified approach adds an element of fun to encourage members to be active within the community. Members can earn points and rewards for completing courses and participating in activities, which then allows them to level up and unlock new courses. Other rewards may also be introduced in the group. 

Of course, this adds another layer that motivates users to stay engaged, keeping the sense of community alive.

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5. Email Broadcasts

This feature allows you to email all members in one click. It’s a nifty function that can be useful in announcing new courses or upcoming events so that your members are kept informed.

What Skills Can You Learn Within Skool Communities?

Business owners and aspiring entrepreneurs can use Skool to learn a plethora of skills, whether that’s technical, creative, or even practical. Depending on your needs, you can use all of these to grow your business or build it from scratch.

Sales Courses

There’s an array of communities in Skool that are dedicated to sales mastery. If you’re looking to start a business related to sales, you can use Skool to learn about digital offers, remote sales, dropshipping, and high-ticket services. These communities can help you get insights into effective sales techniques, managing customer relationships, and closing strategies.

And if you’re feeling a little advanced,  you can also find courses on topics like negotiation tactics, objection handling, and strategic selling approaches. 

Marketing Fundamentals

It goes without saying that marketing is a crucial aspect of any business. When entrepreneurs acquire knowledge in marketing strategies, they can effectively promote their products or services to their target audience.

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Now, marketing has a wide umbrella, but here are some communities and courses you can find on Skool:

Content Creation

Content is king in the digital age — we can’t argue with that. Mastering the art of content creation is important for entrepreneurs who want to build their brands. Skool communities can offer courses in areas like writing blog posts, creating social media content, and producing engaging videos and graphics.

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Digital Marketing

It’s a digital-first world now, which is why digital marketing has become indispensable for businesses of all sizes. It covers a lot of things, including search engine optimization, email marketing, social media marketing, and pay-per-click advertising.

Courses on these topics are available on Skool as well, although some of them might be inside paid communities only. That said, for businesses that can afford to invest in creators that they trust, the subscription fee is just a small price to pay for what you can get.

Practical Skills

Aside from sales and marketing skills that are directly related to business-building, you can also learn some practical skills on the Skool platform. There are creators and brands that focus on teaching things such as photography, woodworking, fitness, and others.

Looking at it from a business perspective, engaging in these communities would help if you’re building a photography or boutique business, selling furniture, or creating your brand as a fitness coach.

Starting a Flipping Business


If photography is a passion of yours and you’re seeking to improve your techniques, there are communities of photographers on Skool that would be able to help you out. 

But even if you’re not seeking to build a career as a photographer, you can also use courses like this as part of your visual marketing efforts. Good photos are essential especially if you’re selling products, so getting some insights from the pros could only help.


Woodworking communities on Skool are a great hub for hobbyists and expert craftsmen who’ve been in the field for a couple of years. Within communities like this, members share their own projects and ask questions about woodworking techniques as well. 

That being said, newbies are very much welcome, too. In fact, because of the Classroom feature, Skool makes it easier to learn woodworking as a beginner. Creators in this sphere can provide modules, project plans, and tutorials for building different projects. 

As an entrepreneur, you can take advantage of communities like this if you’re establishing a business selling furniture and small handcrafted projects. You can use it to get inspiration, learn to build a specific project, get feedback on your work, or simply connect with other woodworkers. 

How to Start a Boutique Business

Fine Arts

If you’re looking to sell your art or improve your craft, there are also Skool communities dedicated to that. You can learn about painting, drawing, sculpture, mixed media, and other forms of art in Skool. These communities cater to those who want to hone their artistic talents.

But even if you’re not looking to monetize your art, Skool is still a valuable source because the communities offer a supportive and collaborative atmosphere. As such, it’s easier to express yourself, learn techniques, or gain feedback for your work.


Fitness is a big thing on any platform. Whether it’s on YouTube, TikTok, Facebook, or Instagram, there’s always a demand for creators in this niche. The same goes for Skool. There are fitness communities on the platform that provide a wealth of resources and guidance for those looking to improve their overall health.

You may be interested in different aspects of fitness, such as strength training, yoga, cardio workouts, or nutrition planning. Skool offers spaces in these areas, so it’s easier to find people with similar interests and “get the pulse of the masses” in a sense.

Creative Skills

Brand identity is important for any business, and specialized communities in skills such as copywriting and design can help entrepreneurs grow their companies.



Effective copywriting can be seen in a bunch of paraphernalia that businesses use. This can include social media posts, blog articles, sales pages, and email campaigns. Thus, it’s easy to see how it can impact sales and customer retention.

Fortunately, there are communities in Skool that teach effective copywriting. Entrepreneurs can benefit from this by learning to communicate the brand’s message, highlight the features of a product or service, and address customer pain points. This in turn helps convert more leads and increase sales as well.

Design and Branding

While text is crucial, we can’t deny the importance of good graphics, too. This is seen in your logo, website, social media posts, marketing materials, and product packaging if you have them. Basically, design and branding play a major role in shaping how your business is perceived by the world. 

So, understanding things like color theory, typography, and design principles allows you to create visually appealing brand assets that communicate the message you intend for your audience. All of this contributes to long-term business success since it helps you retain existing customers and attract new ones as well.

Skool offers communities in design and branding, allowing you to get guidance from the pros.

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Why Communities Can Accelerate Business Growth

As an entrepreneur or an aspiring business owner, you can definitely use Skool as a way to learn new skills that will help you start a business or grow your current one. But while Skool’s plethora of courses can help hone your business skills, the real gem lies in its community aspect.

This platform thrives on collaboration and conversations. Members offer advice, swap tips, share their experiences, and lend a helping hand to others. The focus is shifted from the creator and goes into the audience itself. By tapping into the collective expertise of this community, entrepreneurs can gain valuable insights into their customers’ needs and pain points.

Furthermore, communities on Skool can serve as sounding boards for testing ideas, validating concepts, and gathering feedback from your potential customers. You can then use this feedback to refine your offerings and validate if there’s a product-market fit.

This process of refinement is extremely helpful and can allow you to adapt and be responsive to what your audience needs in this competitive market.

Final Thoughts

Business success often hinges not just on what you know, but who you know. In this perspective, Skool offers a platform where knowledge meets community, thereby creating a space where people can gain knowledge while expanding their network as well. 

So, as you find your way in the business world, consider Skool as a way to connect with your audience and even build a community around your brand. Having a supportive community by your side can make a huge difference in your success.

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