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SunDoc Filings Reviews — One of the Leading LLC Service Providers (2024)

Are you forming an LLC but don’t want to get involved in all the legal intricacies? You should consider the services of online formation services, among them SunDoc Filings. 

Our experts have thoroughly examined and reviewed its features and services to see if it lives up to its popularity in this review.

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If you’re looking for another well-trusted LLC service provider, we recommend Incfile.

SunDoc Filings History and Experience

SunDoc Filings started in 1999 in Sacramento, CA, and has helped thousands of people form an LLC. SunDoc Filings offers expedited search and retrieval services to customers in California and can ensure that their businesses get registered within a very short time. 

Positive customer reviews indicate that SunDoc Filings has been serving its customers well. And in terms of LLC formation services, SunDocs is also recognized among prospective clients.

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Packages and Pricing

SunDoc Filings offers three LLC formation packages unlike the single package offered by Better Legal Services, which are Pro, Basic, and Complete. For the purpose of this SunDoc Filings review, our experts have broken down the fees of the packages in full detail.

The Pro package costs $79 plus the state filing fee and includes just the filing of your articles of organization. This package requires you to prepare and submit your completed articles of organization to SunDoc Filings, who will thereafter review and file them with your chosen state of formation. This package plan is suitable for businesses who have already filled out their LLC documents but require extra help.

The Basic plan costs $99 plus the state fee. It is way higher compared to the fees required by with $49 basic fees. It includes everything from the Pro package, plus name availability check and preparation of articles of organization. 

The Complete package costs $279 plus the state fee. It offers everything from the Basic package plus Federal Tax ID number (EIN), LLC kit and seal, and so on. The EIN enables you to hire employees, open a business bank account, file taxes, and more.

SunDoc Filings Assessment

SunDoc Filings Pricing

Overall, SunDoc Filings doesn’t give the best value for the money that customers pay unlike other greatly recognized online incorporation services. For instance, the plan with the lowest fees costs $79 plus the state fee and offers not much more than just forming your LLC. 

SunDoc Filings does not include checking the availability of your business name and you have to prepare your business formation documents yourself. The complete plan, which offers more, can be more expensive for a beginner.

List of SunDoc's services and products

Registered agent services are also only available as a standalone service which costs $149 in fees for the first year. This is higher than what most competitors offer.

While this is fair and more affordable pricing than hiring an attorney, there are competitors out there that charge less and offer more value. IncFile charges $0 in fees but offers everything needed to file businesses including one year of registered agent service for free.

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Ease of Use

During our team members’ SunDoc Filings reviews and trial, the company’s platform was easy to use to make and fulfill requests. 

For instance, if you’re confused, an agent will quickly contact you to walk you through the process. If necessary, additional information that you may not have considered will be provided to you by the agent. 

However, the complaints process doesn’t seem to be streamlined very well. Your concerns may not be attended to quickly by the customer service team. Though SunDoc Filings’ website is loaded with information, it isn’t intuitive and user-friendly when it comes to finding pricing and navigating the different sections.

Another reliable LLC formation company is Swyft Filings. You can check more about Swyft Filings here

SunDoc Filings Customer Support

Despite the relatively unclear website, SunDoc Filings has good customer service and this is evident in their online customer reviews. Similar to, SunDoc Filings has knowledgeable and friendly service representatives and doesn’t outsource to a third-party call center as some competitors do.

SunDoc Filings team

You can their contact support via phone calls and email should you need information on their LLC pricing for your business and more. You may also choose to directly contact any of their support representatives about your questions by picking their email address from the “Contact Us” page.

Features and Services

Unlike most other LLC services including the Harvard Business Services, SunDoc Filings doesn’t offer so many features in all of its plans. None of the plans has an operating agreement, registered agent services[1], expedite filing, annual reports, and so on. 

Nevertheless, you can purchase any of the plans and customize them by purchasing your desired menus a la carte. If you’re an entrepreneur, it is recommended to get started with the Basic plan and then add extra features you desire from there.

You’ll find SunDoc Filings’ services suitable and fast if you want to form an LLC in the state of California. This is because SunDoc Filings has a 24-hour filing service and visits to the office of the California Secretary of State at least thrice a day. 

SunDoc is considered the best and easy option for any entrepreneur in the state of CA. The company offers both LLC operating agreements and sample California corporate bylaws for free. It also has some unique state-specific filing options. 

SunDoc is also suitable for any small business owner who needs his/her LLC documents exceptionally quickly. However, if you want more features at less cost, you may find better overall value with other established LLC formation service providers.

Guarantee and Refund Policy

Like Bizfilings and LegalZoom, SunDoc Filings offers a 100% satisfaction guarantee and refund policy. Though SunDoc Filings always strives to ensure that customers are happy and satisfied, for any reason if you’re not happy with their services, SunDoc Filings will either correct the issue, refund your money or fees, or offer credit for future purchases.

Sundoc Filings benefits

SunDoc Filings Customer Reviews

Similar to CorpNet company, SunDoc Filings reviews are a great strength for the company. SunDoc Filings has over 2,500 customer reviews with excellent ratings. Most of them, which are on the Trustpilot website, indicate that customers are pleased when it comes to speed, overall responsiveness, and their easily understood LLC formation process.

However, the reviews also indicated that if anything goes wrong, SunDoc won’t take responsibility for it quickly and some people never get a reply from the customer service team. Some customers consider these denials as a form of dishonesty. Other reviews show complaints of padded prices when ordering services.

SunDoc Filings Alternatives

Though SunDoc Filings does an amazing job, you might find it does not completely fulfill what businesses need. Here are a few other LLC formations you may use when you want to start a business:

  • IncFile: Incfile is a good right LLC service to choose if you’re on a tight budget but are still looking to work with LLC companies that offer all the essential services. IncFile charges $0 for its lowest plan fees and has one of the best turnaround time. 
  • ZenBusiness: ZenBusiness charges $39 for its basic LLC formation package. Aside from filing your business, this package also includes a customizable operating agreement and a full year of registered agent service to help meet the needs of your business. It’s also one of the LLC companies with a good reputation to work with so you get peace of mind. Like other LLC formation services, it also considered one of the top-performing registered agent service today.


Is SunDocs Filings legit?

Yes, SunDoc Filings is legit. SunDoc Filings started in 1999 and since then, it has helped thousands of customers to form their business. SunDoc has about 2,500 online reviews and maintains high average ratings of 4.8 out of 5 stars. SunDoc Filings also has an A+ rating with the BBB. All these are proof that SunDoc Filings is legit and you can have peace of mind when you use it for your business filing.

Sundoc Filing Review Conclusion

As you have seen in this SunDoc Filings review, SunDoc is one of the best LLC formation service providers for entrepreneurs in the state of CA. Our experts find it good for small businesses in the state of CA who need business registration done quickly.

However, when you need more features, you can avail of them for the same amount of money or lower from other LLC service providers. In our team’s review, we found that SunDoc Filings does not include operating agreement and registered agent service in any of its LLC formation plans.

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