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Trademark Engine Review (2024): Packages, Costs, and More

Entrepreneurs know that trademark protection on their company’s intellectual assets isn’t always guaranteed. Because of this, online services like Trademark Engine takes the spotlight to make the process simpler for you. But is their service reliable or inadequate?

Our legal experts explore what Trademark Engine has to offer so new business owners won’t have to run into legal and trademark infringement issues in the future.

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What is Trademark Engine?

Built and founded by a trademark law professional, Trademark Engine offers its customers updated forms and services used for resolving trademark issues. Unlike other alternatives, this platform focuses on trademark concerns, giving them an edge on industry specialization. 

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Upon a thorough review of our experts, we also found out that this company has been operating since June 17, 2016, as Trademark Engine, LLC. It has an online application system where users can manage their forms with utmost accuracy and efficiency. 

Trademark Engine Features

Like other online services, the platform has comprehensive packages for you to choose from. Our legal experts tried and combed through each feature to see if they were worth your time and money or not. However, remember that these service plans do not include fees for USPTO.

Trademark Registration Packages


One of the first packages we checked out in this Trademark Engine review is the platform’s basic plan. Although priced under a hundred bucks, this service offers users access to the Federal USPTO Database [1] to check existing or pending trademark applications. 

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Through their application system, our team was guided accordingly through their application system for trademark filing. The forms were promptly digitalized and sent electronically right away as part of this package.

But what we liked the most in this basic trademark filing plan was its online calendar. With this feature, users can be informed of important deadlines.


If your main concern is trademark infringement, you can rely on Trademark Engine’s 6-month service monitoring included in their standard package. 

Besides all the offerings in the basic plan, you’ll have access to a customizable Cease and Desist Letter. You can also find Transfer and Assignment Letterforms in this package if you intend to sell your registered trademark.


Every offering in the standard and basic service packages are included in the Deluxe Plan, except the trademark monitoring extends up to one year. 

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If you’re keen on fast transactions, our team recommends this package as it has 24-hour expedited processing features. 

Free Trademark Search

Before you claim a trademark, you must ensure that it’s not currently owned or filed by any individual or legal entity. Fortunately for you, Trademark Engine has a free trademark search that gives users access to a public database to see outstanding or pending trademarks.

Electronic Delivery

There is no need to wait for the mail because Trademark Engine delivers your requested documents and forms electronically.

Learning Center

If you don’t have the time to reach out to their customer support, you can search your query on the platform’s Learning Center section. All the general questions about trademark and their offerings can be answered here without connecting with a service agent.

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Other Services

Besides these packages, you can avail Trademark Engine’s services separately. Their offerings remain full-range, so you wouldn’t have much problem signing up for their trademark registration services, monitoring, and other features.

Attorney Support

Although Trademark Engine does not equate to the services of a law firm, its services were founded by a trademark lawyer. Its offerings are low-cost and accurate, but it’s not for people seeking specific legal advice. 


Depending on the service package you want to avail, your spending on Trademark Engine’s features may range from $99 to $199. If you ask our experts, that’s already more affordable than other options. However, it’s worth noting that this estimate does not include legal fees on trademark filings.

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Turnaround Time

The processing of your documents depends on which service package you purchased. If you registered with Deluxe, expect it to be delivered within 24 hours. On the other hand, Basic and Standard plans only take five workdays.

Customer Support

As a reliable online service, this platform provides its customers with a wide range of helplines to assist their concerns. You can reach out to resolve your account issues via phone, email, or their on-the-spot live chat.


One of the first things Trademark Engine guarantees is customer satisfaction. Should you find their services not up to your standards, you can request a refund, excluding government fees.

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Review Conclusion: Trademark Engine

After reading our team’s Trademark Engine reviews and experience, we hope that your doubts about online services like these are alleviated. It may seem unfamiliar, but rest assured that their offerings can make your trademark filing more efficient. Besides that, it also cuts down your expenses compared to hiring an actual law firm. 

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