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Trademark Plus Review: Is it Legit and Reliable? (2024)

Obtaining federal trademarks involves certain requirements that not every individual could handle by themselves. And when the legal legwork gets too overwhelming, you may neglect important aspects of your business operations. 

Services like Trademark Plus can lessen your burden, but are their services legit or will they leave your company legally vulnerable? Here’s a review from our legal experts.

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Trademark Plus History

New business owners like you may not know, but Trademark Plus has been operating in the industry since 1999. With many years of experience, our legal experts weren’t too surprised upon verifying that the company had served over 100 thousand customers and more than 98 thousand trademark registration and cases have been completed. 

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Trademark Plus Features


 Trademark Plus offers three available online trademark service packages to their clients. Each option has very specific coverage and straightforward features. 

Take their basic service plan, for example. The platform will handle all the legwork for your electronic trademark filing, so all you need to do is answer the questionnaire accurately. 

After you review and confirm it, it will be sent electronically to the United States Patent and Trademark Office. And then, there’s an email confirmation that’ll be sent to you as well.

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The same process applies to the standard package, except this service plan includes a comprehensive trademark search. Trademarks represent your business[1], so they can’t be similar to any active brand or product. You’ll also access crucial trademark templates that you can customize, like Cease & Desist Letter and Transfer & Assignment forms. 

And, of course, our legal experts can’t end these Trademark Plus reviews without checking the platform’s most premium package. Apart from the basic and standard plan offerings, this package offers unlimited access to the platform’s customer support.

Search Results

One of the remarkable features of this service is its analytical trademark search. Unlike other platforms that only give you similar trademarks, this website lays down a list of marks you may bump in conflict with due to similarity. It also analyzes whether your application will be approved or not.

Trademark Monitoring

If you’re keen on mark infringement, trademark monitoring is one of the services you must purchase. Lucky for you, Trademark Plus can safeguard your mark within the country and even internationally. 

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Attorney Support

Our legal experts would like to remind you that Trademark Plus isn’t a substitute for law firm services despite providing legally-binding forms and documents. Should you bump into complex trademark issues, consulting a lawyer is still the best option.


After combing through several online trademark services, we can confidently say that Trademark Plus has one of the lowest costs offered. Availing of their complete services will only cost you around $250.

Turnaround Time

If you’re doing a trademark search on their platform, we suggest giving them around one workday to give you any feedback, as this process may take a while. For expedited services, expect an additional fee. 


While using their services on the website, our testers didn’t encounter much hassle. The registration process was smooth and only took a couple of minutes to answer the questions being asked. 

Register a Trademark Online on Trademark Plus


The entire website is protected by SSL security standards, so you don’t need to worry about your information being compromised. It’s technologically encrypted, and its servers have firewall protection.

Customer Experience

Trademark Plus is often praised for its fast registration process. However, if you look at some of the reviews, you’ll see a bit of negative feedback from clients. If you ask us, it’s mainly because the full customer service feature is only available in their premium package. Let’s hope that they can work on that in the future. 

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Is Trademark Plus reliable?

Yes, Trademark Plus is reliable if you’re looking for an affordable online service to file your trademark claims. However, it’s not for complex trademarks issues that require legal actions. This service does not substitute the legal advice you can get from an actual trademark lawyer or a law firm.

Review Conclusion: Trademark Plus

Not all Trademark Plus reviews are positive, given that every customer has distinct trademark needs. However, we’d like to note that its low-cost offerings are worth trying if you don’t have complex trademark filings to handle. 

If you still feel doubtful, weighing in alternatives is not a bad choice either, but remember that there are very few reliable options in this price range. 

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