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Traits Of An Inclusive Workplace

Inclusive workplaces are not just about diversity; they also promote a culture of inclusivity. An inclusive workplace celebrates and embraces differences, fosters an environment where all people feel welcomed and valued, encourages employee communication, and promotes open-mindedness. 

So, what does an inclusive workplace look like? We get into all of that in this article.

Embracing individuality

The most important thing an employer can do to create a workplace that embraces all types of people is to encourage employees to be their authentic selves. You all have different interests, hobbies and ideas, but you also all share many commonalities. 

Embracing individuality

By encouraging people to embrace who they are and what makes them unique, employers will see that the best ideas come from employees who have had the opportunity to bring their whole selves into the workplace.

However, it’s important to note that just being diverse is not enough to create an inclusive workplace environment; it requires active participation from employees and leaders alike! You need to be an ally for that.

Basically, an ally is an advocate who provides support to marginalized groups in the workplace. But Intuit experts have a more profound explanation of what is an ally

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According to them, “Allies are people who actively choose to align themselves with those who are marginalized or disadvantaged with the aim of improving their circumstances in the workplace and world.”

Shared responsibility

Shared responsibility is a key trait of an inclusive workplace. It means that everyone shares accountability, which is a vital part of making sure that everyone has the opportunity to succeed. 

Employees who are responsible for their own actions are more likely to feel valued and respected by their employers, while those who aren’t held accountable don’t feel like they can be themselves at work. 

Shared responsibility means that employees should be able to rely on each other when it comes time to get things done—but this also means holding each other accountable for their actions as well.

Maintaining an unbiased environment

When you create an inclusive workplace, there are a few things that you should keep in mind. First, for starters, you should make sure that your employees feel like they can trust each other and the company as a whole. 


If you want to foster an environment of inclusion, then it is important for everyone to feel safe and respected by their peers. 

You also need to maintain a culture of respect so that people feel comfortable speaking up about any issues or concerns they may have with the company and its policies.

Expressing appreciation and recognition

One of the most important ways to make your workplace more inclusive is by recognizing employees for their effortsThis could be as a simple thank you (or even an appreciation email) or involve making public announcements of the employee’s accomplishments. 

Consider adding rewards or bonuses on top of this, as well. The key here is to find something that works for you and your team, so don’t feel like it has to be complicated!

Expressing appreciation

Enabling growth

Enabling growth is a crucial part of creating an inclusive workplace. In an inclusive workplace, employees are encouraged to take on new challenges and given the tools they need to do so. 

An inclusive workplace provides training and development opportunities so that employees can grow within their roles and further develop their skill sets.

Here’s the bottom line: inclusivity is not just a value or an idea you can add to your company culture. It’s something you need to actively work on every day, in every interaction with every employee. 

It’s worth the effort, though. When everyone feels included, they feel valued and want to do their best work—which is what good leaders want too!

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Charles McMillan
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