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Trust & Will Review: Is it Legit? (2024)

Like it or not, the final arrangements of your personal finance include drafting estate planning documents. Although it’s true this process isn’t affordable, an online service like Trust & Will claims that its offerings can reduce your expenses. 

In an attempt to confirm it, our experienced legal team conducted a Trust and Will review to see if their legal forms align with your estate planning needs.

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About Trust & Will: Is it Legit?

Although Trust & Will is more affordable than law firm services, we understand the slight doubts surrounding online platforms with similar services. Fortunately for you, our legal team checked and confirmed that it’s a legitimate company providing legal documents to its customers since 2017. 

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You may not know, but its estate plan services were launched and founded in San Diego, California. Their fairly straightforward and excellent service is a popular legal solution for people who have no time and budget to avail of attorney advice services. 

Trust & Will Features

Trust & Will’s estate plan online services consist of different packages. Upon closer evaluation, we discovered that they provide basic will offerings, last will, living will, power of attorney, and  HIPAA authorization. There are also trust documents available in their platform that you’ll need to create an estate plan, which we’ll thoroughly discuss below. 



If you’re not yet certain how you’ll allocate your properties and financial assets, you can opt to prepare guardianship documents. In estate planning terms, this document means that you’re appointing a legal guardian to care for your minor children. 

Trust & Will’s Nomination For Guardian document isn’t included in their basic estate plan. You’ll have to pay an additional cost to access guardian documents. 


Life is uncertain, so legally indicating your final wishes for assets and belongings you’ll leave behind through a last will & testament [1] is a crucial part of estate planning. 

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During our Trust & Will review, our legal experts were pleased to know that HIPAA Authorization is included in their will package. It’s indicated in this protected health information policy that only authorized people can know about your health condition and if you’re going through any medical treatment. 

This online will package also includes living will documents, which will cite your preferred medical decisions when you’re physically unable to do it yourself. If you have specific healthcare providers, you can also indicate them on the said document. Besides all that, the power of attorney forms is also accessible on the platform once you purchase the Will Package. 


On top of online will services, Trust & Will also has a reliable Trust Package Plan. Through this service, you can create a revocable living trust. It’s a document where you can include how and who can manage and control your physical and digital assets from when you’re alive until your death. 

We highly recommend getting this service if you have high-value assets. With a trust operating as a legal entity, transferring your wealth can be easier and avoids probate court situations.

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You can also add and remove assets from your trust as this service includes unlimited updates up to one year on the documents you requested. Completed documents will also be subjected to thorough checking by the company’s legal professionals. 

Other Offers

Attorney Support

Complex situations between family members are often the hurdle of any estate plan creation process. The worst-case scenario for this family situation is that you may need legal advice. However, Trust & Will does not include this service in their basic packages. 

If you have doubts about preparing your own documents, you can subscribe to the attorney support services for an additional fee. They’ll review your customized forms and advise you on taxes and legality based on your financial situation.

Document Review

All the following documents we mentioned above will be going through Trust & Will’s team checking, except for forms concerning guardianship. 

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And if you want independent financial advice, our experts advise you to take advantage of the website’s Share Access feature. Because of this, people you trust, including your family and financial advisors, can view your estate plans electronically.


Creating your trusts and wills may be tedious, but this platform neatly laid out everything you’ll need. Every detail is carefully explained and overflows with comprehensiveness, from its unlimited updates to specific services. 

All you need to do is answer the questions with accurate details, and the platform’s system will instantly process it into a document.


As a service operating in the digital age, it’s no surprise that the turnaround time of Trust & Will is quite impressive. Our testers could draft an online will in around ten minutes, while some other plans take no more than half an hour.


Compared to hiring an attorney to draft your estate planning documents, this online platform can definitely cut down your expected expenses. On top of that, you’ll only need to pay an annual fee to access all of their packages continuously. If that’s not convenience and affordability combined, we don’t know what else to call it.

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Customer Support

Trust & Will has live chat support, which gives you access to experienced customer service agents to attend to your concerns on the spot. If your concern includes a lengthy process, a customer service representative is also reachable through phone calls during office hours. 

Guarantee and Security

You could request a full refund if the services Trust & Will provided didn’t satisfy you. However, our experts advise doing this within 30 days from your purchase as they have a strict policy on this.

Who Should Use Trust & Will?

Young Families

Given that the platform offers legal guardianship documents, our team could confidently recommend Trust & Will to families with minor children. 

Havenlife Customers

If you have any active life insurance policies in HavenLife, you should know that one of your perks is a free will creation with Trust & Will. You’ll get a promo code for this, but remember that it doesn’t include additional services. 

Simple Estate Planning

As previously noted by our legal team, this website isn’t made for complex estate issues. If you need documents that have standard provisions, that’s what this service can offer you. 

DivorceWriter- A Will-Based Estate Plan

Trust & Will Alternatives

If you’re looking for a more detailed service that can identify how you’ll handle your debts, you can opt for alternative options like Quicken WillMaker & Trust. However, unlike Trust & Will, you have to download software to access their services. It’s also more expensive, but you can expect similar comprehensiveness in their offerings. 

Another option you can consider is Rocket Lawyer. Besides being more affordable than the previous two, this online service provides actual sessions with legal experts. They also host live question-and-answer events with lawyers to guide their customers. Like Trust & Will, you can freely customize your estate documents as long as it’s covered in your purchased plan. 

Customer Experience

Trust & Will is a Better Business Bureau accredited company, so our team went ahead to check the feedback about them. And as we expected, the webpage is flooded with positive reviews. Most praises are directed to their easy process and straightforward offerings. As for negative ones, it’s mostly minimal issues like additional fees on getting their documents notarized. 


Is Trust & Will legally compliant?

Yes, Trust & Will is legally compliant. The documents they provide to their customers are legally valid estate forms and state-specific.

Can you still revise your documents in the future?

Yes, you can revise any document you drafted on the Trust & Will platform. Their packages give users one-year full access to editing and revising any of the provisions in the forms.

Can someone guide you while drafting your documents?

Yes, Trust & Will has an attorney support feature to review all your processed documents on the website. However, it’s not part of any packages, so you’ll need to pay extra to avail of this service. The platform also has a Share Access option, giving users the privilege to let trusted people review their forms. 

Trust & Will Review Conclusion

Our first-hand experience in this Trust & Will review is relatively delightful and positive. After combing through their industry experience and offerings, we can confidently say that this platform is legit. If you want a simple and fast service to handle your estate documents, disappointment is the last thing you’ll expect with Trust & Will. 

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