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US Legal Forms Review (2024): Are Their Offers Legit?

Are you searching for an online will maker but are not sure which services are worthy to trust? 

Worry no more! In this review, our team will evaluate all products and package options of US Legal Forms to determine if their offerings can fulfill your specific business needs.

US Legal Forms



US Legal Forms History and Experience

As a pioneer company with over 24 years of industry experience, it’s no surprise that US Legal Forms has already served many small businesses, attorneys, and even individuals since their foundation in 1997.

If you’ve ever subscribed to the website, which we did before curating this review, you’ll understand why some consumers acknowledge this company as one of the best legal form providers on the internet. With their state-specific business forms, customers can access all legal resources easily.


Offers and Pricing

To start off our US Legal Forms review, our business specialists will assess the company’s offers. 

Aside from being a popular will maker, this company provides its customers with almost any service concerning legal documents and processes. In fact, this company is the house of more than 85, 000 US legal forms that even attorneys find useful for work-related purposes. 

US Legal Form plans

If we’re talking about affordability, we can say that USlegal annual plans are considerably cheap compared to its competitors like Rocket Lawyer or LegalShield. From will planning documents, power of attorney, home sales, leases, up to other personal affairs documents for divorce, premarital agreements, and many more — all these legal forms are readily available for single order.

If you don’t want to go through the complexities of the divorce industry, these legal forms are very much beneficial. 

US Legal Forms Subscription Packages

If you’re looking for long-term help in creating and handling legal forms, our team suggests signing up for USLegal subscription packages instead of ordering documents one by one. 

Delightful enough, our US Legal Forms review and experience showed that their service offerings aren’t complicated at all. It just has basic and premium plans set for selection. 

As if that didn’t impress us enough, all the forms provided in each package are state-specific. It means that it doesn’t matter if you’re going to use these documents in New York or anywhere else. The USLegal attorney-in-charge ensures that legal forms are curated according to state laws. 

Furthermore, US Legal Forms’ offered packages have a number of state-specific form services included in their annual plans, such as last will and testament, living will, living trust, medical power of attorney, financial power of attorney, will codicil, amendment of living trust, revocation of living trust, and affidavit. 

US Legal Forms products and services

On the other hand, the US Legal premium plan gives you access to a more complex set of legal forms like business forms to start an LLC.

US Legal Forms: Turnaround Time

Dealing with legal forms often requires speed as transactions come and go when you’re running a business. Thankfully, US Legal Forms has an instant turnaround time that allows users to freely download forms as soon as needed info is provided correctly. 

After accomplishing forms, files can be downloaded in MS Word, PDF, and Rich Text formats. If you don’t intend to print it right away, you can opt to mail it electronically.

Ease of Use

Upon navigating, our team was genuinely impressed by how organized the forms are laid. Considering how US Legal has thousands of legal forms, it was surprising that the platform could carry out requests swiftly and without any hassle.

When looking for a specific form, all you have to do is select a category and choose a state. There will be a number of personal and business details needed before forms could be generated for use. These documents are readily available on their site, so there’s no need to install a separate application or program to access your orders. 

US Legal Forms Customer Support

Admit it or not, there’s no denying that customer service is the heart of any business in every industry [1]. To fill up US Legal Forms’ lack of attorney support features, they have a live chat feature for sudden queries and concerns. 

US Legal Forms Help Center

Although you cannot talk to actual attorneys, their customer service department is open to taking calls from Monday to Friday, 7:30 AM to 7:00 PM.

Security and Guarantee

We’re sure readers of this review would find it pleasant to know that US Legal Forms has a 100% refund guarantee if customers aren’t satisfied with their purchase. On the other hand, we have nothing but pure fondness for their military-level security. 

Through this feature, all data in the US Legal platform has 256-bit encryption algorithm protection and stored U.S.-based Amazon S3 data centers.

Other Services

It’s not uncommon, but it’s delightful for us to know that US Legal Forms offers incorporation services for new corporations.

Assessment: Value for Money

If you’re constantly transacting with legal contracts like a will, lease, or affidavits, then subscribing to the packages offered by US Legal is worth every penny. However, if you’re looking for attorney consultations, we suggest signing up for other services with such features.

Services of US Legal Services

US Legal Forms: Customer Reviews

Looking at customer feedback in rating websites is one of the most crucial steps when looking for companies to handle your legal documents. Before we tried their services and curated this US Legal Forms review, our team took it in our hands to search for ratings (or complaints) from any business consumer. 

Surprisingly, despite the long industry experience of USLegal, there are not many user reviews that could be found online. On the bright side, this business has an A+ rating and 4.46 stars in BBB. 

The thing about reviews and concerns is that they had to be resolved or assisted. Interestingly, USLegal seems serious in responding to these issues and immediately providing solutions or actions within their means.

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Does US Legal Forms offer free trials?

No, US Legal Forms doesn’t offer a free trial to their users. However, their annual subscription is more affordable than other sites that provide access to crucial legal documents like will forms, affidavits, leases, and many more. 

These forms are also generated immediately upon request and filling up all needed information.

Can I immediately cancel my subscription?

Yes, you can immediately cancel your subscription with USLegal. There are no requirements stated on contracts or cancellation fees. In fact, they guarantee 100% money-back or refund in the event customers find their services or any of their products unsatisfactory and make an official complaint.

US Legal Forms Review Conclusion

US Legal Forms

Although this review may have given you a mixed impression due to their lack of attorney support features, their two decades of industry experience and over 85,000 legal forms speak volumes about how they can help companies in need. There’s also no denying that their documents are highly reliable and up-to-date.

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