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What are Prepaid Legal Services? All You Need to Know

When you encounter complex legal problems, especially those involving other people and properties, legal advice on the internet cannot simply suffice. Legal fees are known to be exorbitant, but did you know prepaid legal services can serve as a more economical alternative? 

Our legal team has put together everything you need to understand prepaid legal services and what they can do for you. 

What is a Prepaid Legal Service?

As the name suggests, prepaid legal services such as LegalZoom and LegalShield are plans that are paid for every month, like cellular service or insurance. 

For a period of time, you can avail a range of legal services that best suit your needs, from legal consultations, document preparation and review, court representations and more, depending on the type of plan. 

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It is similar to buying legal consultations in bulk. As with products bought in bulk, a main selling point of the prepaid legal service plan is it’s cheaper compared to availing a single legal service on its own.

Benefits That Can Be Covered by Prepaid Legal Services

Legal Representation

A lawyer is there to look after his or her client’s best interests as legally as possible. The same goes for prepaid legal services. You may acquire a plan so you can be guided on legal terms and legal processes. Some may include actual, albeit limited, legal representation in a court proceeding.

Document Review

Prepaid legal services such as LegalShield and Rocket Lawyer may come in handy whenever you’re handed a contract that might contain those fine prints that might be an issue if not handled professionally. Examples of documents that need a lawyer’s eye are wills, lease agreements, and business contracts.

Processing and Access to Forms and Documents

It can be a hassle when you’re submitting a legal document, and it comes back to you over and over again because you forgot to include certain details. This can be a waste of time and money, but prepaid legal services can help you process such documents.


They can provide you with a set of forms to fill up and a checklist of the prerequisite documents to ensure that your submission will be on time, and hopefully one time.

Other Personal, Family, and Business Services

Perhaps you’re getting married, acquiring power of attorney for your elderly parents, or getting in business and you want all parties to be fairly compensated. A prepaid legal service plan can provide legal guidance on personal, family, and business matters.

Limitations to Know

Personal prepaid legal service plans are usually limited to simple processes like the review of legal documents and contracts, phone and chat consultations, and perhaps contractor disputes. 

For complex cases, including divorce, criminal cases, and property disputes, a prepaid legal service might refer you to a specialized lawyer which can handle these legal matters.

How to Register for A Prepaid Plan

Now that you’re aware of what prepaid legal services are and what they entail, know that there are various ways to avail such plans. The most prominent company that offers prepaid legal services today is LegalShield.

LegalShield plans for individuals and businesses

Some states like Florida and North Carolina offer lists of verified prepaid legal services through their state bar. You may inquire through the state bar’s official communication channels for the list of available services.


LegalShield, as mentioned above, has monthly plans starting at $29 and $49. Prepaid legal service plans may range from $10 to $70 a month for small businesses. These rates may go upwards and beyond $100 a month for larger businesses with more complex legal needs. 


Difference From Legal Insurance

Legal insurance [1], also known as legal expenses insurance, works like most insurance plans. In the event that you need legal assistance, the legal insurance will pay for the legal costs and even provide you with a lawyer under the plan. 

This usually is complementary to a prepaid legal service plan. A prepaid legal service enables you to have frequent legal consultations and other benefits covered above, while legal insurance enables you to have legal service ready for those complex cases that will be outside the coverage of the prepaid plans. 

One notable benefit of legal insurance is that they will pay for all the legal costs even if you lose the case.


Our legal team has put together all the necessary information about prepaid legal services and how to register for one above. As we mentioned, they are perfect whenever you need immediate sound legal advice. To get the best for your business, look through all the services included in the plan before availing one. 

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