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ZenBusiness vs Incfile (2024)
Top LLC Formation Services Compared

Hiring a reliable LLC formation service to manage your company’s document preparation and filing is among the toughest things to consider as new business owners. 

With many companies to choose from, it’s only natural to be overwhelmed. In this post, our team compared ZenBusiness and Incfile to determine which formation package suits your unique business needs.

Features of ZenBusiness and Incfile

Experience and Track Record

Although industry experience isn’t entirely the sole basis for reliable LLC formation services, hiring one to handle your business formation process is a reassuring feature to consider. Companies like Incfile are among the pioneers that have served over 500,000 customers since their foundation in 2004. 

If we are to pit ZenBusiness vs Incfile in terms of experience, the former could be considered as a fairly new incorporation service, having been founded only in 2015. However, despite the short experience of the company, they are a Public Benefit Corporation. 

Their vision for social impact positively affects the quality of their LLC services and how the customers perceived their offerings. 

If we’re considering the experience and track record alone, there’s no doubt that Incfile wins this part of ZenBusiness and Incfile review.

LLC Packages and Pricing

If you want to form an LLC in the United States through business formation services, one of the most crucial features our team would like you to evaluate are the packages offered by the company and their corresponding prices. 

Besides formation filings, both Incfile and ZenBusiness offer full-suite services to support customers in starting, managing, and growing their companies.

Known for their low-cost LLC service packages, Zen Business offers three plans that are billed annually on top of state fees. Their STARTER, PRO, and PREMIUM package offerings all include basic features like business formation service, creation of the operating agreement, and one year of registered agent services. 

In addition to that, the ZenBusiness PRO package has a Worry-Free CPA Assessment, assistance on getting your Employer ID Number (EIN), and expedited business filing services. For the premium plan, your company will be provided with its own domain name, personalized website, and corporate email. 

If you don’t fancy any of their readily available packages, our advice is to get a tailored plan for your company. You can choose features based on your business needs and manage all your documentation in their dashboard. 

Moving on to another tough competitor in this Incfile vs ZenBusiness review, the prior mentioned has particular packages for different business entities such as LLC, S-Corporation, C-Corporation, or even Non-profit corporation. 

Should you decide to go for Incfile service plans, we’re sure you’ll be delighted with their silver package that comes along with a free one-year of registered agent services plus required state fees. 

With their vast industry experience, you can count on them to work on your operating agreement, annual report, and other filings accurately and swiftly. Although their offerings are highly focused on LLC formation service, they also have additional features, which we’ll discuss in the latter part of the review. 

After weighing the value of ZenBusiness and Incfile LLC service packages, we concluded that ZenBusiness has better and well-balanced offerings than Incfile. Although the latter has very tempting LLC formation plans, other Zen Business features like worry-free CPA Assessment sets them apart from their competitor.

Incorporation Services and Pricing

One of the major features of an LLC package is its formation service. As you may already know, Incfile offers its business formation services at $0 plus state fees with no hidden charges. 

From filing a DBA or Fictitious Business Name up to obtaining an Annual Report and Certificate of Good Standing, they’re a one-stop for any formation service you’ll need. 

Similar to this, ZenBusiness also offers incorporation assistance at a very affordable price. All their service packages include preparation and filing of LLC documents and name availability search. They also provide operating agreement templates and virtual business guides, perfect for new LLC owners. 

Despite the similarity of their offerings in terms of LLC incorporation services, the free charges (plus state fees) that Incfile provides is the cherry on top of a treat, which could benefit any budding business.

ZenBusiness and Incfile Registered Agent Service

No matter which state you chose to incorporate, any limited liability company is required to elect a registered agent service. This role is crucial because registered agents are the ones who receive demands and notices from the state on behalf of the business entity. 

Although other states allow you to be your own registered agent, we recommend hiring a professional service as this role is a crucial state requirement that could cost your business penalties.

While ZenBusiness does include the costs of registered agent service in every package they offer to customers, Incfile provides this feature free of charge in a span of one year. After that, your business will be charged separately on an annual basis. 

Considering how both Incfile and ZenBusiness include registered agent service in their offered packages, it’s safe to say that both Incfile and Zen Business are tied for this round of evaluation.

Ordering Process and User-Friendliness

The best LLC service provider for your company should naturally consider ease of process in the view of the user’s perspective. Taking into account that you’re signing up for an online service, fast registration and navigational document manager are necessary features to have. 

Upon navigating on the ZenBusiness platform, our team found it easy to order the service we want in a short span of time. All we did was select any Zen Business package or feature and proceeded with filling up the form with all required business details.

On the other hand, our registration experience with Incfile is also fast and simple. The steps you’ll take when forming your business are similar to ZenBusiness’s process, except their options are personalized based on which state you’ll choose to incorporate. Besides that, ZenBusiness also recommends other services you may find useful in the long run. 

And because both ZenBusiness and Incfile have navigational websites, we believe these service industry providers deserve a pat on the back for their excellent online platforms.

ZenBusiness and Incfile: Turnaround Time

In the business industry, time is of the essence. There’s no shame in considering the filing speed when you’re looking for a reliable agent of business formation services. 

Although most companies claim that the turnaround time depends on state process, other providers offer expedited services to get your business formed as fast as possible.

Despite the popular same-day processing that Incfile promotes, the reality is the span of filing procedures still depends on how long the state will process it. However, you can opt to avail of their expedited services for an additional fee to form your entity faster. 

Contrary to this, Zen Business does not depend their turnaround time on state processing. In fact, they have a specific filing speed structure in each package they offer to the customers. 

With both providers featuring expedited services, we can say that both companies did an equally good job in serving their customers as fast as possible. So in this part of our ZenBusiness vs Incfile comparison, it’s a draw between the two.

ZenBusiness and Incfile Customer Support

During and after you form an LLC, you’re bound to face technical issues and queries you cannot answer on your own, especially if you’re a new business owner. Customer support lines are your solution providers to get you through every concern you have concerning their services.

Zen Business customer support team can be reached through phone calls, email, and website live chat. Upon trying each option, we’re pleased that all our queries are promptly responded to by their knowledgeable representatives. There are also no emails unreplied, and the phone call easily went through after a few minutes. 

Meanwhile, our team has an almost similar experience with Incfile’s support lines. All our queries are also answered. The only difference was they have no live chat option.

ZenBusiness and Incfile Customer Reviews

Customer reviews are business information provided by clients [1] that you should definitely examine before officially signing up for any incorporation services. Seeing that Incfile had served half a million clients, it’s no surprise that their positive feedbacks are overflowing compared to Zen Business.

Guarantee and Refund Policy

Both providers have strict refund policies for their customers. Zen Business and Incfile will only charge back your payment if the file and state fee are not yet submitted. There’s also a corresponding cancellation payment should you be granted the refund.


Which are the best packages from Zenbusiness and Incfile?

If you’re starting a business with limited funds, Incfile’s standard packages with free formation plans and registered agent services are a great option to choose from. However, if you’re looking for a service to support your company in the long run, selecting Zen Business Premium plan is the wisest move to make. 

Are Incfile and Zenbusiness better than LegalZoom?

In terms of value-per-dollar and affordability, Incfile and Zen Business are better than LegalZoom. If you’re looking for formation filing assistance, those two are the right options. However, if extensive services are what you seek, LegalZoom can help you better with professional tax and legal advice.

Overall Winner: ZenBusiness

Although Incfile’s free registered agent service and LLC formation package are enticing for a new business on a tight budget, our experts hailed Zen Business as the victor of this ZenBusiness vs Incfile review. Considering its full-suite business support offerings, fast turnaround time, and additional features — rest assured that their offerings won’t disappoint.

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